3 Ways How Youtubers Make Money

Are you a Kenyan YouTuber and have a little to no clue how to earn through YouTube? YouTube is a big video-sharing app that now holds a global audience of about 1.58 billion users from around the world around. 

Kenya cannot stay much further to this trend as YouTube is now making its reach in the Kenyan audience and to be a Kenyan YouTuber it’s perfect time, who knows you are going to be the next Kenyan YouTube sensation. 

Here are a few fascinating facts that can make you feel how amazing YouTube is: 

  • Each minute there are about 100 hours of video is uploaded
  • YouTube offers 75 languages to its audience. 95% of that Audience is from around the globe. 
  • On average, your tubers spend about 25 minutes on it. 
  • Daily there are about 4 million YouTube videos watched around the world. 

How as a Kenyan YouTubers you are going to Make Money?

It is clear to be a You Tuber you need to be a creative person to generate a unique and great quality video that catches the eye of the audiences. 

Here is the path that you need to follow to be successful on YouTube: 

Advertising Revenue

YouTube gives creators about 3$- 10$ per 1000 viewers depending on the engagements. In simple words as, Kenyan YouTuber if you succeed to engage about 10,000 viewers on your video you are looking at 300$ payday.  

YouTube ads are the primary way to earn money through YouTube. As a content creator, you join your hands with YouTube ad sense.  

Corporate Sponsorships

Another great way of earning as a Kenyan Youtuber is joining hands with companies looking for corporate sponsorship. You Tubers are now termed as “influencers”. It is due to the great companionship that is blooming between corporate and social media influencers. Companies want more eyeballs for their brand and need an influencer to promote their brand to their followers. 

Fan Donations

If you have a good viewership on your YouTube channel, the next thing you can do is go for a fan donation. A video creator requires a good capital to generate that High-Quality video, many of your fans will be happy to pay for it.

Wrapping Up 

These were some of the most common ways to earn money using YouTube but do not forget, these are not the only ones, for example, merchandise sales.