6 Mobile Chargers and Charging Devices that are Worth Every Penny 

All mobile chargers and power banks give different performances. Based on that, we have made this guide to take you through 6 high-quality chargers and power banks that will last for a long time. Dive in!

  1. Mcdodo Auto-Disconnect Lightning Charger with Breathing LED

This is an iPhone charger that’s better than the original Apple charger. It has an auto disconnect feature that detects when the battery is 100% charged. Once it’s full, the charger stops charging the phone automatically. This is a very good feature to protect the battery from overheating. Hitherto, it also charges the phone 40% quicker than other chargers can. 

  1. McDodo 90 Degree Lightning for Apple iPhone

No matter how you clip this charger to your phone, it’ll always be at an angle of 90° from the phone. This means, the cable will never come in your way when you’re on the phone while it’s getting charged. It takes no longer than 20-25 minutes to charge the battery up to 50%.

  1. Mcdodo USB Type-C PD 10000mah Power Bank

It’s a highly efficient power bank that’s compatible with type-c phones. There are two variations – one is compatible with iPhone 11 and higher and the other is compatible with iPhone X and higher. So, buy accordingly. The power bank doesn’t heat up and it also protects the phone from getting overheated while charging. 

  1. Mcdodo USB HDMI 4K for iPhone

This HDMI cable is a wonderful option to stream from your iPhone to your TV without compromising the quality of the audio and video. It’s a very strong cable that is tested against twisting and coiling. It is made to last for a very long time.

  1. McDodo Lightning Spring Cable

This charging cable is an absolute piece of innovation. It can stretch from 0.5M to 1.8M. The wire allows the 2A current to pass along its length. In other words, it takes very little time to charge the phone. All you have to do at your end is to let the wire coil back once you remove the phone. It ensures that the spring doesn’t lose its elasticity quickly. 

  1. McDodo 4 in 1 Fast Charge Data Cable

One of the reasons that people do not prefer 4-in-1 chargers is that the speed of charging becomes extremely slow when more devices are connected. This is the issue that has been resolved by the 4-in-1 charger by Mcdodo. It’s a lightning cable. It means that the charging speed of the cable is already twice or thrice better than traditional data cables. Hence, it still chargers all devices at a much faster rate than other similar cables can.