Benefits of a Phone Charging Station for Your Business

Many people start to panic when losing power on their phone and it can cause a lot of anxiety. As a business owner, customers are your lifeline and it’s hard to have an established business without loyal customers. By offering amenities such as a phone charging station in your business, you can become a business that your customer won’t forget.

Improved Customer Loyalty

Businesses often don’t offer a phone charging station because they don’t see the direct ROI associated with the amenity. However, offering this helps improve the customer’s overall experience and since they are more engaged, you can make them more loyal customers.

Boost in Sales

This is also an indirect ROI by offering this amenity. Any time you increase the time spent at your location, engagement, and customer retention, you are increasing the likelihood that these customers will stay and spend more. If they are leaving prematurely to go find another place to charge their phone then you could be missing out on a sale. Research shows that customers that charge their phones spend more than customers that don’t.

Increase in Foot Traffic

Once people know that they are able to charge their phone at your location then they will rely on you for this. Gyms, hotels, bars, and restaurants can all be examples of this. Local restaurants can be the place people go to charge phones while on their lunch break. Bars can attract those customers that need to charge their phones before continuing on for their night. For a hotel, you can also help travelers choose between staying at your location or a competitor. It can also attract new customers to your venue. Once there is a buzz that your business offers a charging station, customers will be drawn in regardless of if they originally planned on visiting your establishment.

Your Business Can Benefit from References

When someone knows they can charge their phone in your establishment, they will recommend your business to others so you will have access to more customers where you can build engagement and loyalty.

Help with Advertising

Cell charging stations become a branding opportunity, whether it’s at an event or in your own location. Your cell charging station can be a way to increase recognition and brand awareness. Events and locations are also looking for ways to increase their profits and use charging stations as advertising support. If you aren’t interested in getting your own charging stations, you can use advertising with them to make yourself more visible.

It’s a Solution

Charging stations offer a solution for customers and customers will start to rely on businesses that have solutions to their problems.

Competitive Advantage

Having phone charging stations gives your business a competitive advantage, along with other benefits that help boost relationships with customers.