BudgetVM Cloud Hosting Review: Is It Faster & More Reliable Web Host

There are undoubtedly several clouds hosting alternatives available in the hosting web marketplace. It is tough to find a reliable web hosting, especially when you are looking for the speed and maximum uptime. As a lot of money is thrown in for marketing, it is hard to believe whom to trust and whom not. Before you put your hard-earned money in the hosting market, do not forget to check the reviews of BudgetVM, a leading hosting provider worldwide.

BudgetVM has established in 2004 and has established itself as a renowned business. The company offers standard hosting and equipped with different attractive rates and plans than all walks of life can take benefit of. Whether you are a newly build business or already have established yourself in the market, or a pro in the eCommerce industry, you will find hosting packages for all types of businesses and blogs. 

By reading BudgetVM’s reviews, you realize that the company has nailed all aspects of hosting. 

Features that you will get with BudgetVM’s

BudgetVM is a complete package of flexibility, credibility and cost-effectiveness. Here are a few of the primary web hosting benefits that you will get with BudgetVM’s cloud hosting packages

  • 100MBPS Bandwidth
  • 2GB, 8GB, 16GB storage space as per the plan
  • Unlimited transfer
  • Unlimited domain hosting
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL databases
  • Free site builder
  • Free domain registration
  • Free instant set up
  • Additional IP’s with just $1 for each IP
  • Maximum uptime guarantee
  • 24/7 customer support
  • ANYTIME money-back guarantee. 

The best thing to choose them is that you will be able to walk away and get your money back if you have any problem with their packages. A few companies will give you money back on cloud hosting packages, but this company always does justice with their clients and returns cash if you want to walk away from their services. Also, they have to add on packages at an additional cost.VPS-468x60-01A-1.gif

Client’s Reviews

Reading BudgetVM’s review before you purchase will keep you focused on getting the best price possible. However, many cloud server hosting companies are promising to deliver superb customer support service and technical support. Yet, none of these companies has the same kind of enthusiastic reviews you see when you look at an honest 1x web hosting review.

You’ll be surprised with how happy their customer base is, which a breath of fresh air is in a crowded web hosting market. Just look at a few reviews, and you’ll see that they are not puffing themselves up, they are letting their service do the talking, and it’s generating a significant buzz.

Here are the few testimonials of their clients:

budgetvm reviews.png

Price Values:

Right now, you’ll receive a plethora of options for just $12.50 a month minimum up to $74/ month maximum, again vary as per price and features with no hidden fees. Furthermore, you can add additional features and functionality such as c-panel management services, additional IP’s with extra charges.

Here is an overview of their packages

cloud hosting budgetvm.png

What’s more, BudgetVM’s cloud web hosting has 99.9% uptime, fast server speeds, and several options to help beginners and renowned businesses better understand web hosting and site-building. 

One feature that will make you buy their Secure Cloud Access hosting servers is that they offer control panel tutorials to give customers a step-by-step guide on using their service. There are also screen cast tutorials, a knowledge base, which will ease the process of hosting admirers. These options will keep your site up all the time and make sure you are learning at the same time.

BudgetVM offers Money Buying Opportunity

Not only you will reap the benefits of affordable hosting packages, but you can also earn money. You will probably wonder how? All you need to do is join their referral program and recommend your friends or people you know who seek to host services to purchase hosting from BudgetVM through your link. This way, the company will pay you some percentage of the package that others will buy. 

To reap the benefits of this service offered by BudgetVM, you simply need to go to the extreme bottom of their website. On the right corner you will see an option with affiliate program, simply click on that option and be their affiliate partner to add extra money in your wallet.


Final Words

When you will enter the hosting market, you will indeed find a plethora of options in terms of scalability, reliability and flexibility. However, choosing services from BudgetVM makes difference because this is the only business which offers maximum commission on affiliate referrals.

The benefits offered by BudgetVM cannot be overlooked. This company is a complete package of reliability, scalability, flexibility, customer support, and speed, which you will hardly get from any hosting provider in the world.