CC-Link Announces Industrial Network with TSN- A First 

The CC-Link would offer open sources network that would be using Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) technology. This would ensure that there are real-time control communications even when the IT system is integrated with other open networks. 

With IT communications, TSN would allow machine control to be integrated with it and that too on the same Ethernet cable. With the help of Ethernet devices, systems would be configured flexibly to provide deterministic messaging for real-time control. 

The CC-Link IE TSN motion control would consent to general-purpose I/O control, co-existent of security and standard Ethernet, thus simplifying the system design as well as cutting costs. The high-speed communication would also help by reducing the cost and the cycle time and would help with the boosting of productivity. And also precision motion would help with the improvement of production quality. 

Potential Attraction of CC-Link IE TSN

This would support slave-to-slave communication and would be of great benefit for the various sectors. This would cause synchronous communication between the various devices like servo drivers, inverters and remote I/O. This would require no master controller and this would lead to synchronous control which would have no dead time. 

CC-Link IE was first opened in 2007 as the first 1gbit/ ethernet based on an open engineering network for all-purpose input or output application control. This would also combine the high-speed and control communication of large-capacity. With production sites, it would control and monitor all of it and would also collect and analyse the information. 

CC-Link would help with allowing information to be collected from the IP-communication of end devices. And this would help with securing communications for real-time control. This would also provide you with the best in class motion control hard to find anywhere else. 

And, significantly would help with the improvisation of the function. The segregation of high and low-performance communication devices would help with the optimising of the performance for the system as a whole and also all network stations. This would help any industrial sector without a second thought.

With motion control, CC-Link IE TSN would help with the simplifying of the network diagnosis and would support general type Ethernet diagnostics tools. With CC-Link IE TSN, time synchronisation of compatible devices would help and make it easier to investigate the problem and the cause behind it. 

You would get a choice of hardware or software development methods which would ultimately be beneficial for you. And this would help with backward compatibility with the entire existing CC-Link IE network.