Clean Master Apk

Clean Master Apk is a really useful apk file that you can have for your android. The apk is very easy to use and no need to worry about its cost also. Because the apk is Free. It is available there in the Google Play Store and you can download it easily from the app store.

There are many cleaner apks that you can download for your android. Cleaner, phone cleaner, ccleaner, finally clean and cleaner for android are some of the cleaner apps that you can find there in the app market. But among those apks the best cleaner app for your android is clean master apk.

Features of Clean Master Apk

  • Free – the Clean Master Apk is free
  • Simple – the apk is very simple in design. It can be understand very easily by any user of the apk.
  • High response time – the apk is very fast in reacting to any action that you want from the apk.
  • The best cleaner – the apk keep your device free from all sort of garbage or junk files in the android.
  • Booster – the apk acts as a booster for your android. The RAM freeing will enable the android to become faster.
  • Notification Cleaner –the app helps you to clean the useless notifications from your android. The apk will allow you to block some notifications also
  • Securing your privacy – the apk will help you in deleting the call and the browsing history. As well is it is with the feature of AppLock that provide chance for you to lock some apps. That will safeguard your private data without allowing access to any third party.Moreover, the apk will detect the dangerous networks that you are trying to connect and inform you on those unsafe Wi-Fi networks.
  • Extending your battery life and the battery life span – the clean master apk detects the CPU temperature and when the temperature increases above the optimum temperature the apk will help to cool down the CPU. That will allow to extend the battery life and also the proper maintenance of the battery will help to increase the life span of the battery too. Furthermore, the apk will put some background running apps which are consuming high power to inactive mode
  • Antivirus– the apk is acting as an antivirus tool also which will protect you from any malicious adware and malware files

Here are some points that I came to know about the Clean Master. If you are more curious about this marvellous apk then download it in your android and enjoy all the benefits for free.You can try other alternatives like Filelinked and AC Market too.