Does Domain flipping a profitable business?

Domain flipping is definitely a profitable business because those with sales skills are making a living with it. The main specialty of domain flipping is that the people can make high profit with it. The ROI generated from sales is always positive but you must be consistent with domain sales. Many people these days are making money with domain flipping.


Domain flipping future seems profitable because now-a-days every business is coming on the web. It is mobile devices which bring revolution, more people from different parts of the world accessing the essentials through the Internet. Many essentials are available online on websites.

Customers switched to online shopping, People who cannot go out due to some problem, they buy products online. Thus, making a website has become a necessity these days.

The same with domain names, if you have a catchy website name, people will directly open your website in browser and access the website. That’s why it is important to have a premium catchy domain name for your business. So, domainers take advantage of this.

There is no need for investment. Many people have many great ideas but don’t know how to execute. So, you can pick a domain name matching your idea and sell them. It is better to sell domain names in the form of your ideas to someone who is more than capable of executing your idea.

People also buy domain names and then modify that domain and sell for a higher profit or use for their own purpose. This gives them  a great profit and it also shows that it is definitely a profitable business.

The popularity of domain business can be understood with the recent domain sales happening on namebio. Moreover, you can check for 4 letter .com domains on godaddy, All .com 4 letter domain names has been sold off, You would be lucky if you found some fresh .com domain.

People buy expired domains to link lifting their website( I mean to rank their website) and then sell those domains at very value.

There are many cool websites and domains available for domain flipping.  You can check for fresh domain names. If you are lucky enough to get premium fresh domain then you can definitely make a big sale.

Let us know about your biggest domain name sale you have made in comments.

I personally believe domain flipping is a profitable full time business, if you have skills to sell your domain names then it is for you.