How do I start a cold email campaign?

Cold emailing is a complex marketing strategy because your audience doesn’t know you, and they don’t trust you either. Based on this, receiving feedback from your prospect is often difficult. Usually, cold mail is sent without having the prospects on your contact list.

Nevertheless, you can succeed with cold marketing if you know how to do it right. Read and learn how to start an effective cold email marketing campaign.

Choose a provider

The first step to a cold email marketing campaign is to choose an email provider. Set up your account, name, and signature. You can use several email providers like Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo. Usually, companies prefer using paid email providers rather than the free ones. With a paid email provider, you can personalize your email, and it offers several features.

Define your cold email marketing campaign goals.

Outline the goal of the cold marketing campaign so you know what to achieve. However, your cold email campaign must be realistic and measurable. Some of your aims should be to increase your quarterly sales by 10 percent, boost your followers on social media, etc. Write down the campaign’s purpose in a note because it will help you remain focused.

Research your prospects

Without thorough research, your cold email outreach will not be effective. When you research correctly, you can personalize the email to suit the prospect. Skipping this step will make your email campaign suffer. Do research about the people you want to send an email to. This way, the content of the email will be personalized.

Personalize the email

Cold emails that are not personalized don’t trigger any feedback from the prospects. Therefore, make an effort to personalize the messages. Making the email look personal makes the prospect feel special. One of the ways to personalize a cold email is to start the introduction with the prospect’s first name. Use the information you have about the prospect in the cold email.

Short but apt subject line

A lengthy subject line does not make any sense. Keep the subject line short, and the prospect will like to read it. The subject line is what attracts the prospect to read the entire email. The subject line should go straight to the point but be convincingly written.

Provide value in the body of the email

The body of the email should provide value for the prospect. The body should provide relief for the reader. Everyone has a problem and needs a solution. Your cold email should contain a solution and possibly how it will be achieved.

Call to action

A cold email that doesn’t have a call to action is useless. Let the prospect know where they can find you and how to reach out. Include your business phone number, social media handles, and offices.


Starting a cold email campaign is not as difficult as it seems, but it’s tricky. You need to understand how cold email campaigns work before you start. Finally, you can use several cold email marketing tools these days. Ensure that cold email software has all the features you need to achieve your goals. You can use this cold email app to improve your marketing campaign.