How To Choose The Right Vps For Your Business?

Cloud Virtual Private Servers (VPS) come in various flavors and the service providers will offer you a lot many plans to choose from while deploying a server. An increasing number of organizations are moving their personal, private, and business workloads to Cloud VPS. Below is a set of guidelines that gives you the background knowledge needed to make an informed decision on the plan that is best for you.

Plan flexibility

Your Cloud VPS plan from providers, like, can be upgraded at any time. This gives you the flexibility to handle the organic growth of your business. It means that you can re-provision the server to have more CPU, memory, and disk and network bandwidth. 

General purpose VPS

General purpose VPS plans are the ones most commonly deployed and used. These are meant for general, everyday workloads. A general purpose VPS has a wide variety of uses. Though they are labeled general purpose, it does not imply slow speed or underperformance. SSD-backed servers have ultra-fast speeds, notwithstanding the number of resources allocated. 

Storage optimized VPS

A VPS optimized for storage serves the purpose suggested in the name; not only do you get access to dedicated, professional, high-performance SSD hardware but also you can allocate up to 4TB of SSD storage for your VPS. The high-speed I/O enables the VPS to crunch large amounts of data in a very short time. These servers are ideal for data analytics and distributed data.

Memory optimized VPS

You may need a server with a large amount of RAM. You can go for the Memory optimized VPS, which not only gives you competitive prices for bigger RAM amounts, but also uninterrupted memory sizes starting from 16GB to 128 GB. They are meant for applications that have high memory I/O requirements or those that stay in memory for optimized performance.

Compute-optimized VPS

A CPU optimized VPS brings massive computing power to your applications. They give you access to the optimized Intel CPU hosting platform, which allows users to process huge amounts of information instantaneously. They are best suited for video processing, data analytics, gaming servers, and so on.