How to manage setting for your JioFi Dongle router?

Jio is the most promising networks service provider, where every major cites till the rural areas are covered by the networking connective. The networking is provided with most advance of features of connecting you around the globally. With high speed of internet you can be online always without any interruption. They provides the JioFi Dongle router with high performance and handling major transferring o data with high speed.  

JioFi routers have won a lot of fans all around India since they enable to assure a high-speed connection for your smartphone when there’s no effective broadband to use. The router can access with different access point connect many devices.

If you need to adjust the settings for your JioFi dongle, you’ll find the whole process extremely ease and swift.

How to adjust settings?

You will need to do the JioDongle.local.html login. Make sure that you’ve turned out the device and found the respective wireless network. Then, you’ll need to specify the  jiofidongle.local.html address in your browser’s URL bar.

Click on the button located at the top right corner. Specify the credentials in the field, i.e. the username and password. The default values for these indicators are “administrator”.

Subsequently you can change these values to the customized ones if you want to.

And now that you have successfully logged into the system, you can adjust any settings you need to.

For JioFi Dongle users encode the link http://jiodongle.local.html/ instead.

It will automatically direct you to the log in page 

Use the default administrator as a user name and password

Press enter and find you are in.

Therefore, by the above step will give you smooth idea to encode the URL for log in to the Jio dongle user. You can also change the Network SSD to enter the site and can use it easily.