How To Play WMV Video Files On Mac Using Quick Time?

You are trying to open a WMV file with the help of Quick Time Player, then you may feel depressed as it will not open. Every time you open the file, the error box will appear in front of you. The reason behind this problem is clear as the WMV file is not able to be opened with Quick Time Player because the video format is encoded with Microsoft propriety codec. Only windows devices and applications can get access the WMV files.

Many devices are compatible with WMV files but it can’t be accessed by the Mac ecosystem. WMV files can be visible on Quick time play easily. The good thing is that we can change the format of WMV file so that it can be used in Quick Time Player without any problem. What users are supposed to do is to convert the format of the WMV to Quick Time Player.

How to convert WMV files?

Multiple numbers of tools are there capable of transforming WMV files. The most powerful and best thing is a video converter which is easy to use. The video converter is also reliable in converting the audio files so that single audio files of the tracks can be saved.

Attractive features of the program

Users will be quite amazed to know that there are some of the attractive features of this program. The best feature is editing where users can trim, edit, merge, crop, etc. Users can perform all these things only after getting the right version of the program on their Mac or computer. If you want to get the proper steps of changing the format of the WMV file, then you can check this link and you will be able to get the best idea that how to change the format of the WMV files. This is the link,

Here are some of the following steps which can be followed by the users to convert the WMV files in Mac. The action will be similar to the PC.

Step 1: Import the WMV source file

Firstly, locate and choose the WMV file you are trying to convert and then click on the “Add file” button on the top toolbar of the application. The drag and drop option can be also used by the users for the purpose.

Step 2: Select the Quick Time Playable file type as output format

On the lower left place of the interface, click on the “profile” button. Select the requisite format in the output panel like MOV, MP4, M4V, etc.

Step 3: convert WMV to Quick Time Real Format

Finally, press the convert button and the WMV file will be converted promptly. Check the progress of conversion in the pop-up window.

These are the following steps with the help of which users can convert WMV files to Quick Time and use the file conveniently on their Mac. There are other processes also to convert the WMV files in another format. Users are free to follow any other option for the process of conversion.