How to Spy On someone’s Microphone Remotely with TTSPY

Do you think that something is going within your staff that can hurt the reputation of your company? The best way to avoid such a situation is to use spy apps for the employees’ phones. We are not promoting the use of spy apps but you have to do so in some cases like for the monitoring of your under-18 child, for the monitoring of your employee in case you notice insider trading.


Who needs TTSPY?

If you are running a company and want to make sure that your employees are not involved in any kind of illegal information sharing activity, you can use TTSPY to monitor and access someones’ smartphones. You can use this app to monitor the activity of your kids too. If you feel that your kid is falling victim to bad company, you can use this app to see their messages and the activity over the phone.

Unique Features of TTSPY

When it comes to usability and effectiveness, no other spying tool can beat TTSPY. There are many useful features in the app that make your job easier in the most effective way. Here are some great features of this app:

Access everything with TTSPY

You have full control of the target phone and can see or control all the apps and the activities. You can see records of the:

  • Phone calls
  • Text messages
  • Browsing history
  • Gallery

Location tracking

These are the most common features of the TTSPY app that are useful for every user. But if you want to use advanced options for better monitoring, here are some of the premium features of the TTSPY.

How to Install TTSPY?

The process of installing TTSPY is really easy as you just need to download the TTSPY app in the victim’s phone and then access the features of TTSPY app through the dashboard from your computer. If you want to read the detailed guide about the installation and setup of the TTSPY app without touching the phone, you can see the other articles on the website.

Spy on Microphone with TTSPY


Once you have installed the TTSPY app by following the above-given guideline, the next step is to use the features of TTSPY to spy on someone by using the microphone of the target phone. Once you have installed the TTSPY app on the target phone:

  1. Open the dashboard of the TTSPY on your laptop or your personal computer
  2. Go to the left menu on the dashboard
  3. Choose the “Live Microphone” option from the menu
  4. You will be able to hear the live conversations of the people around the phone


Microphone access is not the only thing that you can do with TTSPY. It is complete spying, tracking and parental control app. The amazing monitoring features of TTSPY are equally useful for personal or official use. Most of our users are managers of the firms and parents. You can use this app if you think your partner is cheating on you.