Is the Mamba electric grinder good?

I’ve spent years looking for a consistent, clean, and fast grind for my herbs and teas. I’ve tried electric, battery-only, and manual grinders that all left me unsatisfied for one reason or another. Inconsistent grinding, poor quality parts, jamming, or other failures kept me looking for a better grinder. I’m a recent convert to the Mamba electric grinder. A hand injury (long story, it involves a hammer and a lot of distractions) left me in ongoing discomfort, and I was unable to use my manual herb grinder. The Mamba battery powered grinder caught my attention for its one-handed operation, easy dispensing through the cone, and it has exceeded my expectations with a predictable, even grind every time.

My favourite quality is the Mamba grinder’s refusal to jam. I tried everything I could to jam it: repeated use, very sticky herbs and teas, and alternating between forward/reverse in quick succession. Nothing was jamming this grinder! Other electric grinders that I have tried in the past get sticky and jam quickly, and require constant cleaning. The grinding mechanism in the Mamba grinder is made from Aircraft-grade aluminum and I could really feel the quality. The Mamba electric grinder has been very precisely designed to be a high-quality, efficient machine, and from performance to aesthetics, you can tell. The Mamba electric grinder also has a great one-handed design, which is convenient for frequent use. Since my hand was injured, I have been able to grind as much as I need to without worrying about further injuring myself. I found the cone-shaped opening so convenient; I was able to grind and fill my container with one hand! I can honestly say that I never expected to be able to do that so easily.


The rechargeable Mamba grinder has a quality lithium ion battery, and it has a very generous life before needing to be plugged in. The Mamba electric grinder is easy to use. Lay the grinder on a flat surface with the cone up and unscrew the grinding components. Then simply place your herbs into the grinder, replace the top, and hold it upright. The Mamba grinder has the capacity to grind both forward and in reverse to get the ideal grind for your tastes or needs. Having the right grind is essential to unlock the true aromas, flavours, and potency of your herbs. The cone-shaped nozzle on the Mamba electric grinder allows you to easily get your freshly ground herb wherever you need it. I’ve preferred the Mamba over other electric grinders for many reasons, but especially when it comes to cleanliness. My skin and clothes able to stay clean, and I don’t run the risk of accidentally opening my grinder and spilling freshly ground herbs on the floor. Following my hand injury, I found I was shaky and had a noticeable loss of strength, and knowing that my herbs are not about to explode everywhere when I am done grinding is a huge relief.

To recap

I highly recommend this herb grinder for anyone who needs a fast, consistent, clean, and accurate grinding experience. The Mamba grinder comes in several colours and is sleek and modern in design. It looks nice enough to leave on your counter, so make sure you pick a colour that will match your décor! The consistency of the grind produced by the Mamba grinder is so fluffy and smooth: no large pieces left behind, and no over-grinding and losing the oils.