Link Building through Web Content Updates

Google captures moments and updates. So, when you have frequent changes and content updates in your website, it will attract the attention of both Google and your readers. This will serve a great deal to your Link Building efforts and bring a continuous stream of customers through Google and many inter-connecting links on the content. How to go about this Link Building process through the web content link bill updates, we are going to see here. For a better understanding of this and to view full-fledged Link Building plans, see

Classify Changeable Content 

To begin with, classify your web content into:

  1. Frequently Changeable Content (Hot and Happening Sales Content)
  2. Quarterly Changeable Content (Content Needing Intermediate Changes)
  3. Yearly Changeable Web Content (Generic Web Content)

You can change the Frequently Changeable Content (Hot and Happening Sales Content) bi-monthly or monthly with new blog posts. Quarterly Changeable Content (Content Needing Intermediate Changes) contents include Product Write Ups and Categories. You can update the categories and product descriptive content by adding new or changing them as per your requirement once in three months as you get new products or just updating them with information and use cases. Yearly Changeable Web Content (Generic Web Content) like your Company Profile, About Us, Infrastructure and other content can be modified once in a year or so.

As you keep updating your website for these frequencies for various types of content, you are letting Google search bots to visit your website time and again which increases your prospects of getting top pages in Google search results for those keyword sets prioritized by you. Get affordable, effective and result-oriented backlink building service here.

Add New Pages & Sections

You may add new pages and sections on your website like use cases and applications for your products, case studies, return on investment, business opportunities, dealer network, etc., and keep updating your web content with new pages and sections to improve your Link Building efforts.

Modify Layouts & Slogans

Another way to update your content is to keep modifying your website layout according to the present day requirements, standards, mobile compatibility and according to Google algorithm. You can change and improve the slogans and taglines in your website in each page in order to enable search engine bots to reach out to your website for updates.

Change Meta Tags & Meta Descriptions

Changing meta tags and meta descriptions will directly give instructions to Google to reclassify or reindex your website according to the changes incorporated in your content.

Replace Images & Banners

Replace images and banners in your website with right alt+text with right links to the relevant pages. This way you can revitalize your website with new content and images to influence Google results positively.

Add Menus & Submenus

You can add menus and submenus as needed to your website and make it more user-friendly as well as to improve maneuverability between various sections of your website. This will improve your Link Building results.

Improve Site Links & Fix Broken Links

Often do site audit audits and check if all your website’s links are perfectly working. Besides,  check if links are connected to the right pages, broken links are available, all links have pages with content, etc., and match to make the necessary changes and improve your website’s link architecture. This will give you greater returns in terms of SEO.

Increase Inbound & Outbound Links

You can put in more inbound and outbound links so that your website can be accessed from third party websites and platforms, and to give your website increased ability to reach out to more websites to provide more information to your visitors. That will provide more value to your website users and at the same time add bonus points and rewards for your Link Building scores.

Replace Site Descriptions & Content Periodically

Your website has many descriptions right from the home page to about us, profile page, products and services. Change them as per a scheduled program and improve your website’s searchability.


Updating website content in a scheduled manner helps not only the search engines but also other websites to connect to your website for updated and new information for their readers and viewers. Updating website content will also enable your regular customers to find something new every time they come and visit your website, and they would really prefer to come to our website again and again  to learn more and more about water specific topics, subjects or niche. Updating content is one thing and the quality of the content is another. So, when every time you attempt to change your content as per your requirement or according to a programmatic schedule, make sure that you always put in the right and relevant content which are of very high quality meeting the the factors such as Authenticity, Expertise and Trust.

To go about this, you have to plan in advance about various topics and updates so that you can produce quality and relevant content. If you cannot create quality content, you should refrain from publishing. Poor content brings down your SEO scores and seriously affects your Google  search results. Never compromise for less especially when it comes to SEO and Link Building quality. Even when connecting our web links to external sites, ensure that these websites are worthy enough to connect your website. Otherwise, these websites being of poor SEO scores or bad reputation or fraudulent sites, devalue your website because it was your website that recommended a poor quality, bad, phishing or spam website to your readers and visitors.

Keep great SEO and Link Building goals such as getting high Domain Authority, top Google Search Results, huge web traffic, etc., and act accordingly.