PhotoStamp Camera Free


Looking back at your photo album is extremely nostalgic. Recalling all of those memories spent with the most important people in your life can be so satisfying and help you feel a sense of contentment. However, wouldn’t it be amazing to know exact times and locations of those memories you spent in the most special occasions in your life? Showing old pictures to your friends, children, grandchildren, would mean so much more if you clearly knew the times and locations of the memories made.

What if I tell you there exists an easy and convenient way to keep track of all that with no additional hassle whatsoever? Not just to keep track of special occasions and memories, but it is also super beneficial when working in sites, locations, stores, and many other job roles. Map05 has introduced PhotoStamp Camera app for all Android users out there to add your signature to all the photos you capture with ease! You can now add the time, location, signature, and any other text onto the captures you click via the app with no additional cost or downloads.

Features of PhotoStamp Camera

Stamping your photos will help you keep track of when and where it happened, of the goods arrived, situations which needed notes etc. You no longer need to carry your notebook, pen, or paper because with PhotoStamp Camera, you can make notes right on your images itself.

You can easily change the format of your text to suit your needs with the wide range of features the app has to offer. You can also drag and drop the position you prefer your stamp to be at. You can also change the font, colour, and size of your text and also effects such as transparency, colour, shadows, and other effects so that you know your stamps suit your photos the exact way you wanted it to.

The auto GPS location adding feature allows you to add the location you’re at, and where the photograph was clicked with no extra efforts. Change the resolution of your Android camera to support all resolutions you need and fit the aspect ratio. No matter where you are or what you do, with PhotoStamp Camera, you can now make a note of it all with a simple stamp.

Add your own signature like a watermark on your photographs so you know what’s yours! If you are a surveyor, an engineer working at site, goods inspector, or just anyone who needs to make notes and photograph situations at their workplace, PhotoStamp Camera is the best app for you. So, don’t waste any more of your precious time. Get your hands on this super convenient and amazing app and make notes on all your photographs! Keepmaking memories, keep working, and keep stamping them all!

Install PhotoStamp Camera on Fire TV

Easily add stamps to your photo using Android TV Camera. PhotoStamp is a free Photo stamping that can be install on your Fire TV. No need to follow long difficult procedures to install this application. You can use simple 8-digit code to install any Android application you want using FileSynced.

There are many alternatives to FileSynced app like UnLinked, AppLinked, etc. first download and install latest version of FileSynced on your TV. Then find FileSynced code for PhotoStamp apk. Use that code to install PhotoStamp Camera apk for free. There are many alternative camera applications that you can install for free like B612 Apk, YouCam Perfect App, etc.