The Complete Guide to White Label Pay Per Click Agencies

A white label Pay Per Click company is an agency that provides services for its clients under a different name than the company it’s also working for. For example, if a client hires an agency to do SEO and marketing research for them, then the white label agency would be responsible for managing the ads on their behalf and generating landing pages in their name.

White label Pay Per Click agencies provide PPC management services to their clients. Sometimes these agencies also offer services such as SEO, ad copywriting, creating ads, web designing, social media management etc. These white label agencies are also referred to as full-service agencies.

Usually, these agencies are also known for their flexibility in offering different packages for varying degrees of services required. They have three different packages on offer: Basic, Pro and Premium. The Basic package provides an entry-level service which is ideal for small businesses or startups, while the Premium package offers a full-scale service with access to all features.

How Does a White Label PPC Agency Work?

It is essential to understand how a white label PPC agency actually works in order to make the most of it. It also helps to know what you can expect from such an agency while working on your behalf.

White-label PPC agencies exist when a company wants to produce AdWords campaigns for their own content without setting up the infrastructure themselves. Instead, they take over the production of ads and all other aspects of marketing but will have the publisher’s brand and site name on the ads to still provide value to their readership and customers.

The difference between this type of agency and a typical PPC agency is that advertisers do not typically pay these agencies but pay publishers based on specific metrics like overall cost per click, conversion rate, etc.

How can White Label PPC Services Save You Time & Money?

White label PPC services are not just a fancy new name for PPC campaigns; they extend digital marketing. As a result, these services will only become more valuable to businesses of all sizes and industries as the days go on.

White Label PPC services are becoming more popular as they allow companies to save time and money. The company doesn’t need to worry about creating ad copy, creative and landing pages with such services. Instead, they have to provide the keywords and budget, and the white label PPC service provider does the rest.

However, companies should take care of their PPC campaign strategy as it becomes easy for people to copy-paste the ad copy and make changes on their own, which can waste time and money.

How Can PPC Ads Impact Customer Experience in Different Ways?

PPC ads perform a variety of functions that can help improve customer experience and support the business. This is due to the fact that ads are a great way to drive traffic and engage with visitors. They can also help businesses get their brand message out, which is important.

PPC ads can have many impacts on the customer experience, including:

  • Helping improve an online store’s conversion rate by getting more sales and attracting more customers
  • Helping increase traffic to a website or blog post
  • Leading people to sign up for an email list or provide contact information
  • Increasing awareness about products or services

Reasons to Choose White-label PPC Agency

There are many different reasons companies choose to use white label PPC agencies. Some of these include:

  • The company doesn’t have a large enough budget to invest in their own advertising agency;
  • The company wants to avoid third party fees and middlemen;
  • The company is looking for a more efficient way to manage its PPC ad campaigns.

Many benefits come with using a white label Pay Per Click agency. However, it is important that the company will be happy with the results they get from using the service provider they choose.