What are the main Types and techniques of SEO?

The simplest definition of Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is: all the work and development you do on a website to get the web store in the best possible position in the search engine result lists for most keywords. The goal of the work is to drive more visitors to the website, thereby generating more revenue. Of course, this does not mean that it is an ideal tool for any website, given that in-house tasks often take a lot of time, but for web stores it is a particularly good and effective tool for gaining new customers. We distinguish three areas of search engine optimization, which are separated both in terms of their responsibilities and the knowledge required for the tasks that arise. 

Primarily, SEO optimization is divided into technical SEO, On page SEO, and Off page SEO. Depending on whether you are just creating a site or redesigning an existing one, it is necessary for the SEO expert in Chandigarh to pay attention and import all the elements into a well-coordinated mechanism that knows who it is addressing and what it wants to achieve with it.

  • Technical SEO- examining the website through the eyes of the developer. Fix bugs in the code of the page, set of options, solutions. This ensures that the page can be crawled by search engine crawlers and during the crawl, the latter are given the correct instructions to index the content of all subpages.
  • On-site SEO- the totality of the content of a website. This includes all text content, images, meta settings. Almost every content element that a visitor visually sees, interprets, and can provide information to him or her.
  • Off-site SEO- The set of off-page search engine optimization factors, which consist of two parts. Mostly links that point from other websites to the page, and to a lesser extent the so-called “Unlinked mentions” where only the name of our brand is mentioned in a textual content but no clickable link is made.

These three areas (going in a row) mean different people’s responsibilities. Technical SEO is almost entirely the responsibility of the web developer, which is the responsibility of the creator of a particular website. In the case of a leased site, of course, it is the responsibility of the engine development and leasing service provider to keep it up to date and to always meet current search engine optimization requirements from a technical point of view. In contrast to the techniques, content or on-site SEO tasks are, however, entirely in the hands of website administrators, because this content always requires product or professional knowledge. For a web store, this includes category texts, product descriptions, blog posts, an internal link structure and category tree, and visual elements – typically product and category images. With SEO services, you can even remove negative SEO of your brand, Not only does it help in gaining ranking, sometimes it is required to remove a result from a search engine, thus it is recommended. You can also use their service to remove results from google- cyberlex.net

Off-site SEO signs or building external links is a whole different matter. Link building is still very important. Only links placed in so-called link centers no longer have an effect. This should only be and should be included once you are fully aware of where, how and what kind of link should be obtained. Many people have many opinions about the usefulness of link building, but as a matter of fact, to this day, it is one of, if not the most important SEO factors to pay attention to after a website exists.