Why invest in a dedicated server? 

When you run a small business online, you usually invest in a hosting service. This is a section on an online server that you can pay to host your website or business on. Such spaces are easier to buy and have lesser investment costs. When you invest in hosting, you also runt the risks of sharing server space, and you are depending on the main server for the website to function without a glitch. This is not a big issue if you are a small business or running a simple blog or portfolio website. 

If you are running heavily-duty functions and expect large traffic to your website you will need to invest in a dedicated server. These are used for more complex tasks like managing large e-com servers, data storage servers or bitcoin dedicated servers. Here are a few reasons to invest in a dedicated server. 

1. Dedicated Access

When you have servers dedicated to your needs, you also gain full access to all sections. This gives you the liberty to alter and customize your server space in a way that suits your needs best. In the case of a hosting server, you are only using a section of a bigger network; this means you are implicated by the access rules of the primary server. 

2. Superior Bandwith

When you have full control and access to your server, your network speed is not divided between the many used. You can enjoy ultra-fast seeds and glitch-free connections. This means you can also easily manage more traffic to the network without having to worry about a slow-down or down-time. 

3. Custom Control Panel

Here you have the freedom to manage your own c-panel, and you can also build one from scratch. This way you can make your c-panel as user-friendly as you wish. Navigation thought the network and making changes and updates will be a lot faster with a custom c-panel. There are very helpful when working with bitcoin dedicated servers. 

4. Guaranteed Uptime

When your network is not shared with many users, your network is faster and more effective. But the biggest advantage is your server is fully depended on your use. This means you will have better uptime since there is no interference from third party users.