Why is MilesWeb’s Shared Hosting Best for Novices

Web shared hosting companies are a dime a dozen. There are almost endless options of providers out there for you to choose from. The only problem is, they all claim to be the best or #1 in the industry. Of course, there is no way people would fall for their oblivious pretense. But, it is easy to get confused as they seem to have synonymous service plans, features and even prices.

As a novice who does not know much about hosting services or providers, it is easy to get duped by them. You can always try the services that the big names of the hosting industry have to offer, but the pricing of their service plans is not always fit for all. In fact, many users have to choose a lesser known or shady provider because they cannot afford the hosting of the really big brands.

But, cheap does not mean low quality, nor does it mean you will regret your decision to go for a hosting that will fulfill your requirements. MilesWeb is one of the few hosting providers that has managed to present its users with good quality hosting services at lower costs.

This review will shed light on the shared hosting services of MilesWeb and how they are ideal for first time users or those who do not know much about web hosting. It will give you information on MilesWeb’s service, performance overview and other vital intel you need on the provider like their cpanel hosting plans etc.

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Website Performance

The servers or providers that host your websites have a major role to play in their performance capabilities. The crucial thing you need to consider here is the page loading speeds.

Users of MilesWeb‘s shared hosting services have determined the average page loading time of up to 700-800ms for their websites. Considering the current industry dogma, a web page must load within 1-2 seconds if the website wants to retain its web traffic.

So, I guess the shared hosting of MilesWeb passes the performance overview with flying colors.

Server Availability

MilesWeb guarantees 99.95% uptime for its shared hosting services. It is one of the highest uptimes in the industry that only the top providers can match. There is still a chance that you may have to face downtimes as it is not 100%, but that is the case with all providers.

The good thing about it is that the chances of downtimes are much lesser compared to the providers that can barely assure 99.90% uptimes.

Technical Support

You can access or interact with the customer support of MilesWeb via chats, email and ticket system. The support is active 24 hours and is even open on holidays.

As far as availability goes, there are little to no waiting periods or queues to speak to an executive. The support executives also seem to be experienced, patient and well-trained. It is because they can handle almost any hosting related queries.

Hosting Technology

SSD Memory

The shared hosting platform of MilesWeb is purely SSD-based. The memory storage technology is by far the fastest and most advanced for the hosting industry. SSD drives are 200% faster than conventional disk drives.

Cloudflare CDN

Cloudflare CDN is a technology to increase the data transfer speed over the internet. It also increases the efficiency of the bandwidth and gives better page loading speeds. Although it is a popular technology that VPS providers use, very few hosting providers deploy this technology for their shared hosting services.

Operating System

You have a choice in choosing the operating system for your shared hosting with MilesWeb. They offer almost similar features for their shared hosting for Linux or Windows OS users. A few technical configurations aside, the service quality and prices for the hosting plans of Windows and Linux shared hosting users are the same.


MilesWeb is offering an 80% off on the prices of all of its shared hosting plans. The discounts are available only on the three-year subscription of their service plan. Here are the shared hosting service plans of MilesWeb:

Free Addons and Applications

Free SSL Certification

The website(s) you host with the shared hosting of MilesWeb receive free SSL certification by Let’s Encrypt. This way, you do not have to register separately with a different SSL authority and save money on the SSL registration.

Free .com Domain

The users of the Swift and Turbo plans of MilesWeb’s shared hosting can register a .com domain for free. The free domain registration is available for one or three-year service subscriptions. The free domain registration lasts for the first year of the service after which, the user has to pay the renewal fee to renew the domain’s registration.

Control Panel

MilesWeb offers a control panel account to its shared hosting users to manage their hosting. The users of Linux shared hosting get a DirectAdmin account whereas, the ones using Windows shared hosting receive the login details of the Plesk control panel.

1-Click Installer

A software application to install any hosting related software application like CMS, security tools, etc. are available on the 1-Click installer that MilesWeb provides.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

A user can demand a full refund if he/she finds the hosting services of MilesWeb unsatisfactory. The guarantee is a standard assurance practice that only the top service providers follow. It shows the confidence of MilesWeb in their services’ customer satisfaction.

Are the Shared Hosting Services of MilesWeb Fit for you?

MilesWeb has impressive technological infrastructure for its shared hosting platforms. It assures high performance, better speeds and guarantees customer satisfaction.

They have managed to keep the prices low without cutting corners in the service quality. It has allowed them to compete head-to-head with the industry’s big wigs. However, even though they offer services worth the value for your money, it is impossible to compete with the providers who charge more but also give much higher technical specs.

Still, if you are new to the world of hosting websites, you do not need the highly advanced and overpriced server platforms. MilesWeb’s shared hosting provides more than enough resources to host and run a basic website efficiently.