Why You Need To Capture And Archive Signal Messages

Signal is perhaps the most secure messaging application ever created, with heavy end-to-end chats and self-destructing conversations to prevent information theft. Thanks to its reputation, more companies switch from other platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram to communicate in Signal. Still, no matter how secure the app is, Signal is subject to rules established by regulatory organizations such as FINRA regarding compliance. This is where Signal archive matters.

Because of the pandemic, businesses have relied on text messages and applications to reach out to their clients, partners, and employees. The convenience is something they enjoy, along with several key features face-to-face interactions cannot offer. If your business sends out messages, you are responsible for remaining compliant. Signal is very secure, but that may not be enough.

Keep reading to discover why you need to archive Signal messages.

Ensure Company Compliance

This is the top reason why archiving is an activity all companies do when using their chosen messaging mediums. Whether via email, phone calls, or text messages and applications, organizations such as FINRA and SEC cover them under their compliance rules. Failure to keep records of conversations made through modern digital communications will result in legal consequences, so don’t neglect to archive Signal messages as soon as possible.

Deter Unethical Employee Behavior

Sometimes, problems can arise internally. If you don’t supervise official company channels and keep detailed records of every chat, it will be difficult to investigate when they committed acts deemed unlawful. For example, an employee may be harassing a co-worker or sending false information to your clients. Archived messages are irrefutable proof you can use to confirm red flags during investigations, preventingsuch things from happening.Remember, Signal can make messages “self-destruct” by auto-deleting them and leaving no trace behind, so archive the chats before they disappear.

A Reliable Source Of Truth

Messages can be deleted. Once they do, they can’t be recovered, and all evidence will disappear. Archived Signal messages are solid proof that cannot be altered or tampered with. In case either partydeletesthe chats, you can have copies of the conversations. This can act as a shield against future disputes, and you won’t have to worry about digging for the one message buried in thousands of chats.

Prevent Information Leaks

Often employees can be careless in communicating with someone through applications. Even in Signal, mentioning a specific keyword can leak confidential information once detected. Some third-party archiving solutions can alert you and your employees when something that’s not meant to be said is being discussed, and you can quickly stop a leak from happening.

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