Worried about plagiarism theft? Use an online tool.

Plagiarism Scanner—the Duplicate Content Detector for Free

What is the use of Plagiarism Scanner? Writers get ideas for a particular topic from several available contents online. Often, they may copy a whole sentence or even a phrase from any of them, in their complete unconsciousness. 

Here, it is obvious to get the tag of duplicate content. Such accusations of theft are highly impactful to professional writers or a student. Hence, a plagiarism scanner helps them a lot in such cases.

Duplicate Content Can Ruin The Reputation of A Writer

Some so-called writers prefer to perform this type of duplicity intentionally. Online plagiarism scanner works wonder to solve all these factors. How?

It works in straightforward steps. One has to copy-paste the text and click on the dedicated button to check plagiarism. It compares the text with all the available texts throughout the world and scores its originality. 

This plagiarism detector tool scores its plagiarism writer. A dedicated writer’s goal is to achieve a 0% plagiarism score. 

A genuine SEO writer aims to place one’s write up at the higher authority on SERP (Search Engine Results Page). To him/her, plagiarism is a curse because it deteriorates the writing in Google ranking. Usually, Google omits such a web page for the readers.

On the other hand, it is highly essential to check if someone else copies his content without any citation to a writer or blogger. 

For that purpose also, the plagiarism detector plays a great role in the “compare” option. It compares all the available online content with one’s piece of work.

In the academic sector, duplicate content acts with different consequences. A student may need to change the whole project or research paper because of copying a particular portion or a few sentences without citation. Sometimes, the student gains a wrong impression or failing grade for that.

The tendency of copying documents to create research papers brings up a psychological impact among students. They do not feel self-sufficient and self-dependent while performing any research in the work field. They bring up a native tendency of copying.

The professors need to check for plagiarism before examining the research paper to keep them rest assured about the real facts. 

Features of a Plagiarism scanner 

  • Easy to upload content

These scanners provide that space where one can, copy-paste the content. Otherwise, it can work with the uploaded files with .doc, .docx, .txt, .text, .rtf, .odt, and .pdf, extensions and URLs as well.

  • Gathers Maximum Traffic

None of the readers or viewers gets disappointed with the writing because of the duplicity issue. They get something new in it. And that makes writing interesting to the reader, and the creator achieves maximum traffic automatically.

  • Honest Service Providers

The writes can rest assured about the eminent online free plagiarism checker. They never maintain any copy of writing with them. The documents are safe to share with them.

  • The Plagiarism Tools are Priceless

To an SMM as well as a researcher, anti-plagiarism tools are priceless with their performance. When they come up with free tools to solve their purpose, there is nothing more exciting to them!

However, when a writer is using the free tool s/he ensures that it has all the sophisticated feature 

  • Speed

As it is a mechanical process, one needs to wait a couple of moments. It highlights all the unintentional plagiarisms. The absolutely free tools explain which part of the sentence or paragraph is taken from which content.

In 0.83 seconds, it can check 1,000 words. 


  1. Go Beyond Plagiarism Check 

 a)     Solved Grammatical Issues

While writing, to maintain the flow of thought and facts, writers ignore the grammatical issues temporarily. They feel to check that later. But, it takes time to revise them and correct them one by one. 

These scanners perform this too. Being a mechanical service provider, they highlight the grammatical issues within a blink of an eye. Related explanations are also available. 

b)     Plagiarism report

A writer can maintain a plagiarism report for their writing. So, no one else can accuse it of plagiarized content. This type of report is produced at absolutely free of cost.

In 0.83 seconds, it cans 1,000 words. 

 c)     Originality Score

Besides the plagiarism score and highlights, it scores and highlights the unique parts of writing. 

  1. More manageable Steps to Check Plagiarism of Bulk Content

One can check all the daily contents of an SEO company (or big websites) as well as multiple essays, thesis, or assignments in a single click only.

Installing the plugin option, they click on a button to check plagiarism whenever fresh content arrives. They need not copy and paste it individually. 

Before installing such a useful tool, the leftover question must be: how to identify a genuine Plagiarism Scanner? The available reviews for each service provider are enough to guide the writer.