3 Ways to Stay Safe and Private Online

The need to resort to various methods to stay safe and private online has become a requirement in this era, where individuals with sufficient technological knowledge and appliances could penetrate the private files and information of other people. Hence, internet users often resort to various methodologies to hide their identities, location, and other information.

The most common way to stay safe is to hide one’s IP address, but the question is how to hide your IP address on mac? Listed below are 3 ways that upon implementation allows one to stay safe and private while browsing through the numerous sites that are found online.

1. VPN:

The best way to hide your IP address from prying strangers is to download VPN and make use of this secures software. This is a platform where individuals can easily mask their identities and geographical locations. This is also highly useful when one needs to gain access to sites that are otherwise prohibited within their nation. On VPN, people have the liberty to make changes to their IP address which makes it almost impossible to trace the activity back to the original user. This also comes with the added advantage of powerful security encryption that ensures that private information is not leaked to a third party.

2. Proxy:

An alternative to VPN is to make use of proxy servers, which also aid in the making of the IP address. This is a considerably slower option, but it is effective if one needs to get a job done at a moment’s notice. Proxy services interpret the information of the user and distribute it within the web circle, making it a lot harder to trace users that make use of this server. The major flaw in this system is the lack of security.

3. Tor Browser:

The Tor browser gives users the opportunity of accessing the hidden sites on the internet. While one is browsing through such sites it is important to mask one’s identity, the Tor browser steps up to the occasions to assign a brand new IP address for the users who wish to remain anonymous. The major advantage that the VPN has over a Tor browser is the speed. The Tor browser is relatively slower as compared to its counterpart. Tor makes it to the top of the list of some of the ways to remain safe and private while conducting online activities.