6 Tips to run a successful service desk

How can you construct a service desk which may serve the requirements of a climbing organization? At Atlassian, we have confronted this question . In 2010 we’d 230 workers. That amount has burst — we are well in the thousands nowadays. With fast paced expansion, we look for every chance to acquire more effectiveness, and operating a thriving service desk is a significant part of this.

What’s a service desk?

The support desk is the centre where clients (e.g. workers or other stakeholders) can seek assistance from their Managed IT services. No matter which sort of help has been supplied, the objective of a service desk would be to provide high quality service to clients in a timely way.

These days, service desk people also uses chat apps like Yes chat, it is recommended to use chat bots to resolve customers’ queries fast and easily.

Service desk best practices

Your service desk would be the frontline for service, a representation of your IT staff, and crucial in allowing teams. It’s in the center of successful associations. Between establishing new offices, onboarding new workers, and climbing at a quick speed, we have discovered some things which have helped along the way. Here are our tips:

  1. Utilize your service desk applications to its fullest possible

Long past at Atlassian We weren’t utilizing a purpose-built service desk, therefore together with all the creation of the worldwide service group, we chose to change from monitoring problems in Jira Software to utilizing Jira Service Desk for self help, SLA monitoring, and cooperation.

  1. Quit treating your IT teams as”catch-alls”

Ticket variety may frequently be a larger challenge than incoming ticket quantity. Like most of our clients, our infrastructure is really intricate. It is safe to say we have miles of cable and also a lot of metal and myriads of all VMs that operate our regional offices, information centers, and program services.

Our first significant lesson was supposed to quit spreading so much selection and quantity across one group. Rather, we split into three more technical teams:

Life became much easier, since the teams get far more concentrated work. Additionally, areas of specialty allow staff members to turn into real experts over a specific domain, and finally resolve incidents and issues quicker because our knowledge is much more deeply rooted and our focus more concentrated.

  1. Construct a client portal

It should not be hard for clients to request assistance. We use Jira Service Desk to supply a single client support center that joins the IT service desk and a lot of our departmental service desks such as lawful and HR, so clients can come to a place to discover every service they want.

  1. Get clever about SLAs

Like every fantastic service desk group, we need our clients to find the very best service possible. To quantify how we are doing, we have always set goals for ourselves but they were not always easy to monitor or to customize for various geographies, teams, priority levels, etc..

  1. Boost self for clients

Studies indicate that 72 percent of clients prefer using self-service support. For this to be authentic, however, it needs to be simple to use. The self-service portal that’s mentioned previously, is 1 way to make it much easier for clients to get what they’re searching for. Knowledge bases and Q&A communities can also be valuable.

  1. Consider the big picture and quantify your progress

We certainly keep your eye on key operational metrics such as most IT organizations. But we have stopped obsessing over arbitrary KPIs, and we are far more concentrated today on measuring what matters.

To summarize, we set the customer experience first, and invest our time drilling to the trends and amounts which may help us create the largest advances. I hope you like reading this article.