The Best Online Tools Every Digital Marketer Should Have

A marketing manager must be technologically inclined since most of their tasks need a high-tech device to execute their job well. It is a prerequisite in this field since they will be the ones who will handle the online marketing of the company’s products. Suppose you have observed the marketing team of an enterprise. They are given laptops or tablets, and sometimes even smartphones as their benefit because they have to monitor the online audience that would see the advertisements they posted. Do not get me wrong; this is not an easy task because despite having all the benefits, this is a tremendous amount of work regardless of where you are since mobile data will be provided.

Plan to exceed the field of the technological world. This job will help you excel since you will be trained to design websites, posters, and pub mats to be placed anywhere around the country and be posted online. Not only that, customers will test your social interaction skills. You would need to engage with people who would show interest in your company’s product or service; remember that a company’s marketing strategy is one of the pivotal factors that garner many customers. It will depend on your design and encourage people to buy the things you offer by just seeing the post you created.

With all that process in mind, a free online graphic design is the only thing you need to prove that you can enter the industry. Therefore, here is the list of tools you can use to create advertisement layout and website designs that will cost you not a cent.


Filestage is a company that originated in Germany. It is an establishment that helps companies create a masterpiece that will encourage people to buy their product despite not needing it. Most companies that provide products and services around us nowadays tend to give their best shot when designing the materials they would post online or in the community through posters and billboards. Because people tend to be lured into purchasing your product or trying your service once you posted a public notice of sale since eventually, most people would notice it.

Steve Jobs embarked on a trait to Apple, wherein people think they need that gadget even though they don’t. It is his power that helped Apple reach the stage they are in now, and trust me, it is hard to be ranked as one of the best companies in the information technology industry, and that would not succeed if the company does not have a team that would tell people to buy the product.

With Filestage, you will be able to create ideas and layouts unlike no other because they have features that would let you do those things for free, but if you want to use a more complex note, you can purchase its premium offers that would suit you best.


DaFont is a public website where aspiring marketers can mix-and-match the project’s layouts they have been working with. Remember, a poster would not be complete if texts and catchy-phrases would not be seen, and for people to remember your brand more, a well-selected font must be placed. With FontShop, you can select fonts that complement the design you’re working on. Use your favorite free logo design software and download the fonts you want from DaFont. The website contains different fonts for different themes and situations, which will surely ease your shoulder’s workload since you do not have to think about the lettering suited for your project.

By visiting their website, you can immediately see their newly released fonts, and on the upper corner of the timeline, the categories are shown so that you can directly choose the theme you are creating. Also, a fun fact about the website, different authors make the fonts. It is shared with the public because they know the struggle of working on projects and just a starting business-owner. I mean, who would want to purchase a product from a company with a dull advertisement, right? Therefore, with the help of, your projects will be top-notch without losing a single cent.


As time progresses, the technological advancements that we have today will disappear and will be replaced by the new creation brought by the smart individuals of today. Therefore, it is best to be digitally literate because we will rely more on technology than the people. It may not be healthy for a person’s mental and social well-being, but it is reality.

Do not look at this progress negatively; instead, we believe that technology will help us succeed in the paths and fields that we chose because it brought new equipment beyond our capabilities as a person.