7 Reasons Why You Should Create Blog On WordPress Platform

WordPress is one of the best Content Management System (CMS) for creating awesome blogs. WordPress helps you to create your posts from the web browser directly. It provides bloggers the tutorials, theme roundups, plugins, and many more opportunities.

Some more interesting facts that you can’t resist to start blogging with WordPress include:

  • Customization 

This blogging platform is enabled with this customization feature. Here the bloggers can customize their auto box bio using various interchangeable themes. It helps you to change the appearance and layout of your blog. They provide you thousands of themes. Most of them are free, but some costs you just between $5 and $300. 

  • Collaboration

The additional feature of Author box will enable you to collaborate with the interested people. You can work together with the guest authors and co-authors, which may help you to enrich your blog contents. You can also use 3rd party WordPress Author box plugins to manage many authors, who publish their write-ups on you site.

  • Full control and ownership

WordPress allows its users to have complete control and ownership over the use of their platform. There are no limits to what you can do with it. If you face any issues with the web host, you can go for a different one easily. It does not have any third-party ads and no branding on the pages. You can monetize the site the way you wish to.

  • Cost Saving

WordPress helps you to save your hard earned money.  It works under an open license known as the General Public License (GPL). Thus, it is free for download and use. To be transparent, you need to pay only for the domain registration and web hosting.

  • Authorship recognition

WordPress helps its users to provide recognition for their hard work. As here, most of the themes are designed to display the author’s name at the top or bottom of the blogs. Some themes also show the image with their names. When the blog is published, the readers can see your picture with your name.

  • Search engine optimization

With the help of WordPress, your blogs can rank higher. As it uses the CMS feature which cleans, lightweights the code which becomes easy for search engines in crawling. It also supports SEO with third party plugins. This SEO installation will help you in optimizing your posts, titles, and Meta details and many more.

  • On the go blogging

Being a blogger, you might get inspired to create new posts throughout the day. So when you start blogging with the WordPress, you can begin creating the new posts the moment something comes to your mind on your smartphone, as the WordPress mobile app is free to download on android and iOS phones. 

Once you download the app, login to your admin’s dashboard, and start blogging. This app makes your blogging less stressful.


All these amazing features available at WordPress will make a blogger, start using it immediately, and build their career to the new heights. Also, the WordPress Author box Plugins enables its users to create and manage multiple writers on their blogs more efficiently.