Advantages of the Laptop

In today’s market, laptops are a large part of the electronic digital field. Then many people ask: if you pursue performance, why not assemble a desktop by yourself? If you pursue convenience, why not buy a smaller tablet computer. It is more convenient to carry? I’d like to tell you the advantages of laptops.

Many office workers will choose a laptop as their work computer. The biggest reason is that laptops are easy to carry. For many people, sometimes the work scene is not necessarily an office. It may be in a cafe, at home, or on the way to travel. At this time, it is inconvenient to bring a desktop computer. Laptops are different. Compared with desktop computers, laptops are small in size. It is convenient to carry. If it weren’t for the pursuit of performance, laptops would have been comparable to desktop computers.

Some people say that laptops are limited by volume. Its hard disk capacity and running memory may not be enough. If it had been put in the past, there might have been such doubts. But now many laptops already have mainstream running memory and sufficient hard disk capacity. For example, HONOR MAGICBOOK PRO is already a combination of 16GB + 512GB. It may be better than the running combination of ordinary desktop computers. The combination of 8GB + 512GB of HONOR MAGICBOOL 14 and 15 is sufficient for many daily tasks.

What are the advantages of laptops over tablets?

Many people say that the development of tablet computers may replace laptops. Perhaps one day, but nowadays, many functions of laptops cannot be replaced by tablet computers.

Everyone will use some working software more or less in their work. The simplest editing of Word and Excel requires keyboard and mouse. When editing with a laptop, we can use the keyboard and mouse or the control panel to operate the text. Although the tablet computer can complete these tasks, it needs an additional external keyboard and mouse. This loses the portability advantage of the tablet computer.

In addition, many tablet computers still use the same chips as mobile phones. It cannot compare with the current mainstream computer chips made by Inter and AMD. These chips can be assembled on laptops. On the performance level, notebook jumping computers are higher than tablets. For example, if you want to play a competitive game in your leisure time, you can do it with a laptop. But it is a little impossible to use a tablet computer. For example, HONOR MAGICBOOK PRO uses AMD’s R5 4600H chip with 6 cores and 12 threads. Whether it is to deal with high-intensity daily work or to play a game, it is enough.

To sum up, laptops still have great advantages, especially like most office workers today. Owning a laptop is a good choice. At the same time, the above is also why more and more shopping malls have added special laptops shops. Because demand determines the market!