Space Tourism: Answering the Hard Questions

Space tourism has grown immensely in the last two decades, and now everyone wants to blast off into space. We must say that every moment of space travelling is awesome, from the preparations to spacewalking. However, people have been asking a lot of questions about space travel, and it is time to get the answers.

Do I Need a Passport to Travel to Space?

Because one of the requirements for international travel is a passport, people have been wondering whether they will also be required to carry their passports. However, this will not be necessary because most space vehicles return tourists to the points of departure. So, once you have secured a ticket, the most important thing is focusing on the pre-travel training program provided by your space travel company.

Will I Get Crashed by Gravitational Forces During Launch and Re-entry?

We know that people have seen a lot of fiction videos showing people who get crashed on their seats by gravitational forces during launch. Yes, you should anticipate some pressure during launch and re-entry, but it will not be as intense as the fictional videos demonstrate. To prepare you for the intense pressure, you should relax your muscles and not fight back.

The good thing about it is that you will have had enough stamina and strength training before launch. Furthermore, you will have undergone several simulations in a space simulator, meaning that both launch and re-entry will not be stressful but a great experience.

What Activities can I Prepare for During Space Travel?

When travelling to space, as said by Andrey Bokarev, the bulk of your time will be spent relaxing and enjoying the smooth ride. If you are travelling in space vehicles such as Virgin Galactic and Blue Origins that only take sub-orbital flights, you will not be able to step outside because the flight will be pretty short. However, those who plan for space travel that take several days up there can enjoy spacewalking. Remember to confirm with the company that it allows specific activities of interest, such as spacewalking, before paying for your ticket.

Other activities that you might be able to do in space include:

  • Taking photos of earth.
  • Capturing the outer space in a video.
  • Playing a game like football.
  • Calling your friends and loved ones from space.

Well, when it comes to space travel, most of the things are carefully prepared and simulated. Again, the space crew of the selected space company has a lot of experience, and you can count on it to make every moment enjoyable. Note that if you have questions, the selected travel company’s crew will provide the answers you need.