Best Hidden Features of Apple AirPods

Do you have an Apple AirPod? If you have one and use it only for listening to music and for calls then you need to know about other best features of it.

You pay a heavy cost for having an AirPod and don’t use the exclusive features for lacking knowledge about it. It is just a worse thing for an AirPod user.

After knowing these best features of Apple AirPods you’ll love them more than before.

Using one AirPod:

AirPod come with two buds. It’s great to enjoy songs with two AirPods because two Airpods are the best ears to flow with the songs.

When you’re using both AirPods at a time then you’ll also notice that the battery is getting drained fast.

While batteries are running low you can use one Airpod and another AirPod can put on the case for charging.

One AirPod doesn’t let you feel uncomfortable enjoying your music.

Customize AirPods name:

As you know, AirPods are connected with devices through Bluetooth connectivity and most of us have many Bluetooth device lists on our phones.

If you have no problem to find out AirPod on your phone then you can stay with the “AirPods” name.

But for easier to find out this AirPods you can customize the name at your own will. Go to the setting to Bluetooth than tap on the circle on the right side on the row of AirPods name.

Widget of battery status:

Apple AirPods and its case have no indicators to know about the status of batteries of them.

You can know about the battery level through your apple phone. When you connect them with your phone you’ll be notified. After having notification you can use it as a widget on your home screen or you can clear it.

After disconnecting or turning the OFF of the AirPod you can’t use the widget of AirPod anymore.

Connecting to Android devices:

Maximum people thought that products of apple only run with apple devices but in this factor, apple makes differences for their valuable users.

Apple used the H1 chip to connect it with iOS supported devices.

The great thing about Apple is that it uses a Bluetooth system for connecting it with Android devices.

So it’ll be enjoyable to use these Airpods with your Bluetooth supported devices or like Android operating systems easily.

Charge from other platforms:

Usually, we charge the AirPods in its case and the case is charged from a power source via lighting cable.

If you don’t have an actual charging cable, you need to worry about charging it from other devices.

You can connect it with iPhone docks and wireless speakers with built-in dock slots.

Remember that the best performance of batteries can live long through its own cable means its own power management system.

Turn OFF ear detection:

AirPods sensor is so sensitive that it can easily detect your ears when you sit them in your ears.

They are automatically activated when you just put them on your ears and when you put them out they’ll go OFF and your music on the phone also gets a pause.

You can turn OFF this system from your phone setting. Go to the Bluetooth setting in your phone then select Airpods and turn OFF the automatic ear detection.

Changing double action:

Best earbuds, headphones have a system os double tap option. With this option they provide you change your songs, calling someone shortcut.

Apple makes the best unique steps in it. You can use double tap systems in it too but the best thing is that you can customize your shortcut of double-tap setting.

Generally one uses double-tap for shortcut usable features as fast as it can do. It’s a great thing if you customize your own shortcut and Apple makes it easier for you.

From your Bluetooth setting, you can change the double-tap setting. Both left and right AirPods can be chosen as you want.

Customizable settings are available for

  • Siri
  • Play or pause
  • Skip to the next
  • Skip to the previous


The double-tap option can be turned OFF if you don’t want to use it. 

The best of this Apple AirPods is bothe buds can be customized differently.

Commanding your phone:


If your AirPods are connected with your iPhone (iPhone x or later updated) you can command your phone through AirPods and can do whatever you want without touch and click the screen of the phone.

Just say “Hey, Siri” and command what you wanna do it’ll turn the phone with the options you wanna go.

Set the mic:

Both AirPods have their own mic for using separately.

This mic is used to record or talk to someone via AirPods.

These features of using the mic can be disabled from your Bluetooth setting.

You can also set which mic of AirPod can live and others can’t. If you have a security issue then it’s easier to set one AirPod mic for use.

Go to the Bluetooth setting and select the AirPod then you’ll have the option for  selecting the right or left Airpod, or you can disable both at a time.


All of these features are unique and useful for using your phone. 

It’s not a good idea to avoid these great hidden features of Apple AirPods. 

Go with every feature included in it and apply them, if they are useful for you why not you use them to make your life easier.