Clean Master app

It is always better to have a smooth and fast Android phone. But due to bad practices you may lose performance so quickly without knowing. Android is pushing update make sure to have optimized Android device. However, it is not enough to keep your Android phone faster and smoother. You may have experience situations when you are capturing a photo and it says memory is full. You may have deleted your important photos, videos, files and even apps. But it won’t last longer and it does not release expected amount of storage. There will be moment that we cannot shoot any photos and videos, because memory is full. That is due to junks.

There are many Android junk cleaning applications like Clean Master APK, NOX Cleaner, Bee Booster, AVG Cleaner and more. From those Clean Master is the best Android junk cleaning and performance booster application for over two decades. Currently this application no longer available on Google Play Store. So, you can download this application directly from the website or by using app stores like AC Market, Aptoide and etc. Click here to download AC Market. If you do not like using other sources instead of Play Store, you can choose Bee Booster, AVG Cleaner, NOX Cleaner like applications from play store.

Clean Master comes with many free features to boost your Android phone speed, battery life and increase storage by removing junks. Below shows some features of this application. Feel free to install this application and find all those features by yourself.

Features of Clean Master

  • Junk Cleaner – Junk cleaner is the most important and powerful feature of this application. It can quickly remove all available junks like caches, residual files from app updates, system updates, outdated files of system, redundant backups, app data from removed apps and more. If junk cleaning does not remove enough files to have free storage, make sure to check your YouTube app download page. Many phones that I tested has few Gigabytes of downloaded videos from YouTube, they do not know. Because those videos do not show up on gallery.
  • Phone Booster – Use this feature when you want to run your current application faster and smoother. It will close all opened apps, background processers and other tasks to free RAM and CPU in order to boost performance.
  • Free Antivirus –It is always recommended to use a antivirus application to keep your device protected from malwares, viruses and other security issues. If not those malwares and viruses cause your device to slow down. No need to install separate antivirus application. Clean Master comes with free Virus Scanning application to keep your device protected.

There are many other features like Safe Browsing, Wi-Fi Security, App Locker, File Manager, Notification Cleaner and more. You can use Clean Master to clean and optimizer Android TV and Fire TV storages too. You won’t be able to download this application from Play Store TV or Amazon TV app Store. Use third party App stores like FileSynced. FileSynced allow you to install any Android app or game on any Android TV, Google TV and Fire TV devices easily.