CNC machine tool companies

Before deciding which router machine to choose to equip a home workshop or production enterprise, it is important to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the equipment that is offered on the modern market. To date, the most popular are router machines produced in the following countries: China, Japan and Germany.

The most famous companies that manufacture and sell CNC router machines are:

One of the fastest machines, which also have a wide variety of settings and additional functions, are models of the GCC Jaguar brand.

A wide variety of assortment of machines for processing metal parts and other materials differs JCC. The catalog of this manufacturer contains CNC machines for the following purposes:

1. universal type, designed to perform engraving and routers work;

2. for processing wood and metal products;

3. piercing machines of electroerosive type;

4. equipment of the router and turning group.

The advanced software products with which the machines of this brand are controlled allow you to use their full potential.

Truly unique are CNC router machines manufactured under the Redwood brand name. They are capable of processing parts in 2d and 3d formats. The implementation of 3d technology implies that according to a given program, a bulk part is obtained from the workpiece that fully corresponds to the given geometric parameters.

The main principle of work of specialists involved in the production of router equipment of the Kami trademark is the production of high-quality products. Using machines of this brand, you can process not only metal, but also parts made of stone, wood, plastic and even glass.

Hyundai Wia specializes in the manufacture of CNC machines that manufacture products for the aerospace and automotive industries. Programs that are used to control them require minimal human intervention and greatly simplify the use of such equipment.

The catalog of the well-known manufacturer Zenitech is dominated by professional CNC routers equipment designed to process metal and wood parts.

In the modern market, CNC routers equipment of the Invest Adam trademark is widely represented. The main advantages of the models, which are distinguished by their compactness and versatility, are:

To equip a home workshop and a large production enterprise, you can use a CNC routers machine manufactured by the German company BZT. The machines of this brand are distinguished by high stability, reliability of fixation of workpieces, accuracy and speed of processing. It is also convenient that the machines of this brand can work on almost any software. STL files website help you find some great models! The STL (Standard Triangle Language) is the industry standard file type for design of 3D models for CNC routers.

The following parameters affect the cost of a CNC routers machine:

The simplest design is provided by CNC desktop machines, which are much cheaper than more functional equipment.

Large-format routers machines equipped with CNC are the most expensive in their category, as they allow you to perform a wide range of technological operations. The high cost of such equipment pays off by the fact that it can be operated in a fairly intensive mode. The list of operations that can be performed using equipment of this category is impressive:

  1. cutting blanks;
  2. router of surfaces of various types;
  3. polishing operations;
  4. drilling;
  5. boring operations.

How to choose the right routers machine:

Choosing a CNC-equipped routers machine should not be based on an advertising video, but according to the functionality of such equipment and its technical characteristics. Be guided in these situations by the following criteria:

  • the type of machine that is needed to perform certain tasks;
  • advantages and disadvantages of certain models;
  • desktop size;
  • the presence in the design of a T-shaped groove, which contributes to a more convenient fixing of the workpiece;
  • voltage required for the operation of the CNC machine;
  • functionality;
  • category: desktop, mini or professional.