The cost of setting up an online store

The most important thing in commerce is selling at the lowest possible cost to get more profits, and to get that you must search for the best companies to design an application at the lowest cost but in a way that does not harm the content, and thus you will benefit from the price and the quality of the application design,

The real benefit will be from the good interaction on your store, and this will result in an increase in the percentage of profits. In this article we will present the most important basics that must be provided in any online store.

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Probationary period

It is customary for any project to have an initial period called (trial period). The test period means studying the project’s itinerary and ensuring that all preliminary conditions are applied to it. This means that you start the project with limited capabilities and not spend a lot of money in order to ensure that your project is successful and will continue, and will have a cash flow.

The average news period is 6 months, but there are some that prefer to be 12 months, and there are major projects with high funding. The test period of the project may reach more than one year and reach two or 3 years.

How much does it cost to create an online store?

This is the question many people who want to start creating an online store want to know. The issue of budgeting may be confusing to some. But the issue is simple and very clear, but if some simple things are committed.

The most important of these things: What are the things you really need before you start the project?

There are intuitive basic costs, such as building a store, hosting it, and its requirements. You can search in the available options that provide you with how much you spend, but you cannot dispense with an item like this of course, but there are some items that you can do without entirely, save money, and exchange them with good alternatives that can replace them

We will display those items and make sure if you need them or not, and how do you dispense with any of these items that you do not need to start your project:

1- Buying products or manufacturing them locally

It is normal for you to have a product that you want to sell on the online store, whether this product is with you now, or you will manufacture, import, or buy it through anyone else at this time. You must create a comparison between the cost of the lowest amount that you can design locally and the same amount if it was imported, of course. Assuming the stability of the product quality, whether local or imported, of course, the comparison costs the transportation cost and after collecting the data, then make a comparison between the total amount in the local manufacturing and import and choose the lowest in the price.

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2 – When do I appoint employees

A big hurdle needs to be addressed. You will definitely not work alone. But hiring a lot of employees without having a real role is a waste of startup resources. What are the best practices for employing staff?

The rule is very simple. Recruit the employee you need continuously to do the repetitive task. like who ? The programmer for example. The programmer may not be the person who programmed the site, especially if it is a huge site, but its presence is absolutely necessary to address any urgent problem that occurs to the online store. The programming company’s instructions that pledge to respond to you within 48 hours will not help you with their mailings, and you will not be charged for the delay except for you who you will miss, especially during seasons.

Therefore, the presence of a specialized programmer is vital to maintain the site from exposure to any emergency that threatens the continuity of its work. Not only does this mean that the programmer will stop his work on monitoring the site in anticipation of the dangers, but will analyze every small and large in the online store, so that he knows all his paths and paths, and is not surprised by any obstacle you encounter, this employee deserves every cent paid to him.

Sales Officer ? Sure .. but more than one employee if possible, the entire store may be on the shoulders of salesmen for a period of time

You may also need an accountant who monitors revenue movement, compares it with deductions, to extract the total profit from you, and then deducts the expenses to see the net profit shown in the budget lines

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3- Self-shipping products or dealing with a shipping company

Once again, as we did in the products, we will compare the cost of self-shipping, with the cost of relying on a freight company that carries this important for you, then choosing the least of them assuming the stability and stability of the quality standards of shipping the products as well in the case of adopting the system (payment upon receipt) must be taken into account that the shipping company undertakes this matter

4- Profit equation

Net profit = revenue – expenses

This theory can be applied to obtain a profitable online store project to maximize net profit in any way, without affecting the quality of work or employee comfort. Maximizing profit comes by saving expenses, expenses, or increasing sales.

5 – Success factors for creating a distinguished online store

  1. First determine the products that you want to sell, as there are some products that will reveal later that selling them did not eliminate the costs of importing them.
  2. You must be ready for a suitable quantity for the product. When launching the online store, there can be more demand for it.
  3. Try to innovate in your online store, as there are thousands of stores, so what distinguishes your store from others?
  4. Study your competitors well.

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6- Is there a necessary place in the beginning?

Before you protest, there are giant companies whose market value is now worth billions starting from strange places Jeff Bezos Amazon founder from his home garage, Michael Dale from his university room, as well as Steve Jobs

Lots of clothing companies now prefer to start a home start, and limit their marketing efforts through the online store, why. Do not start like them? Likewise, most of the digital products, if your products also do not need a corporate headquarters, there are many companies that can start from home, and make marketing efforts online only.

Save the cost of renting a residence, buying furniture, electricity, appliances, and other expenses that will inevitably turn into a net profit if you postpone it. In the stage when your net profit increases after deducting previous expenses, you can start renting a place.

All steps to design an online store for your project and products should continuously improve yourself so that profits do not decrease after you are ahead.

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