Compelling Reasons to Choose Bitcoin VPS Hosting Services

Bitcoin VPS hosting concept is still unknown to many. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and can be used as a payment mode because everyone can benefit from it. Below are some reasons that can help you to understand why purchase Virtual Private Server using Bitcoin.

VPS offers flexibility and keeps your sensitive data safe. It uses an encryption protocol to protect your ID. It is also used to host many things. For example, 1Gbits offers bitcoin vps hosting services. Here you get SSD-based VPS based in multiple locations across the world. You can tailor it as per your needs and preference.

 Compelling reasons to choose Bitcoin VPS hosting services

Decentralized payment

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have a ‘decentralized’ term thrown around. Let’s understand its meaning. In a centralized system, a single entity like a government or a bank or individual controls and operates the process.

Alternatively, in a decentralized environment, the network is operated by a network of users through mutual consent. No one participant has the entire control to operate or demolish the blockchain technology BTC functions on.

When you pay a VPS service using a decentralized payment method, where every chain link is verified and unchallengeable. It offers you multiple benefits like –

  • There is no need to depend on traditional payment modes that can fail. On the other hand, centralized or conventional payment systems have SPOF or Single Point of failure.
  • Due to indecipherable fraud prevention policy banks may not trust the source you are transferring your money, so they may purposefully decline the payments. It can jeopardize server uptime. However, with cryptocurrency, the payment transaction is unstoppable once you send it.
  • In many countries, millions of citizens have no bank accounts. Therefore using traditional payment mode for services is impossible or hard. Choosing bitcoin VPS services gives them the chance to pay with a different method.
  • Unlike banks, cryptocurrencies hardly get invested, so you cannot get a percentage. Nevertheless, they never sell your information to advertisers or stop your account access [banks do this when their finances go askew]. Your BTC is stored in your e-wallet safely and you have total control over them.

Why buy VPS hosting instead of other packages?

VPS is an ideal solution in comparison to a shared and dedicated hosting package. It has its pros and cons.


  • It is fast and more reliable.
  • The server resources like processing power and memory are guaranteed.
  • Traffic surges and issues of other users will not impact your website performance.
  • You gain better privacy as your databases and files cannot be accessed by other server users.
  • You gain root access to the server.
  • You have total control and authority over your server.
  • A scalable option as you can easily upgrade server resources as your business grows.


  • It is costly.
  • Server management needs more tech-knowhow.
  • Servers need proper configuration or can cause security breaches.

The pros of the VPS hosting package outweigh the cons. With it, your website gets stability, flexibility, dedicated resources, and great performance. The amount you pay for Bitcoin VPS hosting package is worthy!