Complement Your Website SEO With GMB And PPC

Google has always been a very effective search engine (or traffic source) when it comes to acquire new visitors or new customers for your business website and/or many ecommerce sites. The first idea most people think of is search engine optimization (SEO). But Google is not only about that. You can drive traffic (or visitors) to your website from Google with and without paying any advertising money.

The first place to look at is to set up Google My Business (GMB). Google search results may prioritize Google My Business listings when they are properly set up and verified. The behavior is that many searchers (on Google) do not bother turning to the next pages or even scroll down the search results pages. They would end up clicking whatever they could see above the folder in their screens. This click usually would take them to a website. But with Google My Business in place, the business gets an additional opportunity for that click to happen. What a business owner should do is to ensure your Google My Business page makes the cut. You should add new photos, posts, offers or videos on a regular basis, and ensure the business information is current. The good thing about GMB is that it is free of charge.

Pay per click (PPC) advertising has always been a good option to get traffic from Google. Google’s program is known as AdWords (or Google Ads). To set up and maximize your advertising dollar, go through the Google AdWords optimization checklist. The problem with SEO is that over the years the Google search engine results pages are getting crowded but fewer searchers are ignoring the ads at the top (of the organic search results). Over the past years, Google has made many great improvements of the ad algorithms. Now they can deliver ads with great relevancy and accuracy. This gives you so much more control over how your ads would appear. The idea behind is to get people to end up clicking your ads, instead of clicking the ads of your competitors or the organic search results of your competitors. Make sure you can do well by carefully setting up and optimizing your PPC advertising campaigns.

Lastly, chatbot is a new concept and has only been out not for long. The concept behind is that you can utilize a conversational AI software (or chatbot) to engage with prospected leads to help them navigate your website for answers to common questions. You can also make your chatbot to suggest products to your prospected leads through social media engagement. For example, you can turn your Facebook messenger into a live chat and even a chatbot that allows your customers to communicate with your about your products or service, or potential leads to ask for quotation. This will save your operation time and give your Facebook page followers quicker responses.