Everything related to Instagram IG stories

Instagram is the most used social networking site in the present time. Youngsters use Instagram for multi-purpose. Communication is an effective factor on Instagram but you can also share your business product or your business agenda through Instagram stories. To create and store in Instagram it’s an easy task and even it is easy to keep an eye on who is watching your story on your account. Fake account creation on Instagram is very easy and many people keep an eye on your life status with anonymous accounts.

Withunidentified accounts, one can only comment or watch your  famoid instagram story and feeds, and if you wanted to eliminate all these unknown users then you can block them with the smart options on Instagram. Instagram stories IG Are gaining high popularity on not working. These are easy to create and gets immediately viral on Internet the content is highly unique and interesting. IG stories consist of entertainment content and also contain many a time business product promotion. You just need to follow few steps to create your eyes story and then you are ready to viral it on Instagram.

IG stories merely mean uploading data on Instagram. Initially, Instagram allowed people to upload their photos but now with improvingvision you can upload a huge video format on Instagram. Both the iOS on Android mobile users can avail themselves of the advantages of different features of Instagram like hands-free selfies view stories of their favourite personality and boomerang.

Ways to create Instagram stories

There are many reasons why these Instagram features are gaining enticement all over the world. There are some simple steps by which you can create your story and can keep insight on it from your mobile app only.

Mention below is some of the steps to assess stories an active Instagram account:

 Go to your profile and tap on your profile to create an IG story.

  • As per your wish, you can either select a photo from your gallery or you can tap on the camera icon to take a new picture.
  • Choosing an emoji and then you can post this story by tapping on the right bottom.
  • Tap again after few hours on your posted story
  • Swipe up on your posted story to see its views
  • You will come across the eye icon.
  • Tap on that and see who has seen your Instagram story.
  • This way you can easily become across the number of the viewer in your story.

Benefits of posting IG stories on Instagram account

Posting your stories about your life or about your product could be very helpful as it makes you reach higher. You can check on your impressions which mean how many viewers you have scored on yours posted story. You can get replies from many of your new reach or you can get direct message from many of the buyers for a product if you are opting stories for your brands promotion. Instagram stories IG have come with will many unique and advance features. To keep appreciate insight on viewers.  check out this site for more info