The Opportunities with ProxyBox

ProxyBox, the link of which is, is designed to organize the operation of anonymous proxies and other programs using the HTTP protocol. The browser sends the resource URL to the proxy server, the proxy server receives it from the requested web server (or from another proxy server) and gives it to the browser. The stable proxies have ample opportunities when making the following requests:

  • You can save the received files to the server disk. Subsequently, if the requested file has already been downloaded, then you can issue it from the disk without going to the Internet – the speed increases, and external traffic is saved (which may be paid). This option is called caching and it is very much loved by administrators and users – so much so that they consider it the main function of the proxy.
  • You can buy proxy and restrict access to resources. For example, create a “black list” of sites to which the proxy will not allow users (or a certain part of users, or at a certain time, etc.).
  • It is possible to issue a different resource than the one requested by the browser. For example, instead of advertising banners and counters, show users transparent images that do not violate the design of the site.
  • You can limit the speed of proxy for the game for individual users, groups, or resources. For example, set a rule so that files are downloaded at a speed of no more than 1kb/s, in order to prevent your channel from clogging up with music lovers’ traffic, but not to completely deprive them of this pleasure.
  • You can route requests – for example, send some directly, some through other proxies. This also helps to more effectively manage the cost of traffic and the speed of the proxy as a whole.