Host4Geeks Review: Is It Better Than HostGator & GoDaddy? 

The question of best web hosting may confuse too many websites hosting admirers. Hence, before knowing the different business’s web hosting reviews, individuals first need to understand what web hosting is and why it is required for a business website? After knowing that, businesses and individuals will be able to make a suitable choice for them.

Web hosting is basically a space that is rented on the server for your website to appear in the search results so that users can recognize it and buy your services. 

Many people will think why to choose a paid hosting when many companies provide it for free?

The answer is here:

The answer to this question is straightforward. When you choose to host from a free platform, they have the authority to pull down a site without notice if the host feels that the site is infringing on their terms of use. Some reserve the right to remove a website without explaining.


On the other hand, with the paid web hosting services, you will be entirely liable for your website, and even your hosting provider cannot make any changes to your website server without your permission.

Now, the biggest dilemma which haunts people is whom to choose to cater to hosting needs. Suppose you have already explored the hosting market and are confused about whom to choose, then you are at the right place. With the months of analysis, we have compared top web hosting companies- HostGator, GoDaddy, and Host4Geeks. By going through this analysis, you will be capable of choosing the best hosting 

Company as per your personal preferences.

An Overview of HostGator, Host4Geeks and, GoDaddy Services

These three giants of the hosting industry are ruling the hosting industry. All three web hosts have a billion customers all around the world. It is not wrong to say that they have dominated the hosting field by giving their attractive hosting packages and offers.

(Note: these calculations have been designed after an in-depth marketing analysis of each host and collected based on a review of various clients on different hosting platforms).


A website will definitely lose a potential customer base if they provide low server speed. All these hosts are committed to providing maximum up a time to their clients and are standing up to the expectations of their clients’ expectations. 1-1.png

This is likely to be the reason for these hosts to rule the hosting industry for decades.


Flexible Control Panel

A host that you choose should have an easy-to-use control panel because this is the place that you will usually visit after opting for website hosting services. With these three popular web hosting companies, you will find a perfect control panel with an easy-to-use layout, but you will not get frustrated while using it. Maybe this is the prime reason they have to gain the highest customer base around the globe.

Free Features

You will definitely reap the benefits of additional features free or with few bucks with these hosting companies, such as graphics, paid pages, different IPs, control panel management services, or many more, which is an excellent point to opt for these hosts.

What Makes Host4Geeks Different from HostGator, GoDaddy?

However, there are few features that make these three major hosts different from each other so that you will be able to differentiate between the three to make the difference in the kind of hosting service that you will get. We have made some comparisons of these three hosts to save your precious time and avoid all the headaches and frustration later by doing some smart evaluation.

  1. Response Time

Well, this is the prominent feature that one considers when they think of buying web hosting. However, as per our calculation, many people complained about HostGator and GoDaddy’s response time while we did not encounter even a single review about the response time of Host4geeks services, one of the five stars rated businesses in terms of response time.

  1. Live Chat

If you are a newbie and not tech-savvy, you would probably look for a company that can teach you every small aspect of web hosting services, for instance, how to put the domain in the hosting server, how to use the control panel, and how to tackle the technical crunches while operating a hosting platform and many more. 

If you are a newbie and might face such issues, then GoDaddy and HostGator are not indeed for you. You can opt for Host4geeks who provides instant live services, and all your queries will be resolved in no time.

  1. Restoration Fee

A Majority of the hosting companies do not charge for the restoration, and Host4Geeks is one of them. But this is not the case with GoDaddy. With GoDaddy, the restoration may sometimes be as high as $350, which sometimes puts pressure on users not to commit any mistake to look at a website superior to rivals.

  1. Tricky Prices

Most of the users claim that Host4geeks do not have any hidden charges while HostGator. They offer very low prices in the first term and charge $25 if you want to restore one of their backup services. The calculations are unknown for GoDaddy.

  1. Reseller Hosting Opportunity

Host4Geeks gives their customers the opportunity to sell their reseller services to end users and earn money out of it. They provide cheap reseller hosting with WHMCS which mean their experts will manage your server on your behalf if you are not a tech savvy.

Client Testimonials for HostGator, Host4Geeks, and GoDaddy


Final Words

The above points are sufficient to differentiate Host4Geeks from the other two respective hosts. Though one thing that you can do to find out more about these firms is to check their client’s review on various hosting platforms, and from there, you will be able to get more information, and you would be able to know what to do and who to choose at the end of the day.