How a Smart IR Remote Controller Work

Have you ever wondered how your remote control works? What makes it so advanced that smart IR remote control works between the walls? What signals are sent by these controllers? Well, there are many other questions regarding this topic which should be answered. You should not just dodge everything about this issue without even knowing its working functions. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the workings of smart IR remote controllers. Let’s take a look at the introductory part on this topic, which is quite essential to understand the operation of this device in detail.


Have you ever thought about why a remote is used for changing channels, controlling AC, or other appliances? What do these remote emits which control these appliances? Well, there are many theories regarding this topic. You would have heard your parents or grandparents telling you their struggles and efforts to live their life.

 There was no technology at that time, not even a remote. Now, do you think it was easy for them to live their life in that era? Well, here we are with the answer. Televisions and Air conditioners were not present at that time. There was no use of any remote controls in that era. You cannot just state that the time in which they lived was easy. To be more precise, there was not even a need for these technologies at that time. So, no conclusions can be drawn on this topic. Now, there is an in-depth study of how these smart remote controls work. Well, there are a lot of theories and studies behind this. A Smart IR remote controller is the first step towards a higher appraisal of this field. Let’s take a more in-depth look at how this smart remote controller works.

Working of Smart IR remote controllers

You would have heard about the radio frequencies traveling from a distance. In the previous world wars, these frequencies were used to navigate between seas and oceans. Tanks were given signals and commands to attack and also signals to change the positions and directions. These radio frequencies are the central element in the working of every appliance working on remotes. Smart remotes have been around for a while now. Not only intelligent remotes, but universal remotes have been around since world wars.

As we mentioned above, the history of these IR remote controls is old. There are two types of remote control technology available here. The first one is IR( Infrared), which is the most common one. Your TV remotes and the air conditioner is also controller by an IR remote controls. The other one if RF (Radiofrequency), which is also a reliable one. Let’s take a look at how do these two technologies ( IR and RF) works.


Have you ever noticed a small red bulb in front of your remote control? These bulbs are also seen in some air conditioner’s remote control. You need to think about these lights. Well, an IR technology-based remote uses lights and rays, which is transmitted to the receiving end. A receiving end is an appliance or any other device which is controlled by these remotes. Are is transmitted, which includes the actions which you have given from the remote. Whatever you command from your remote influences the receiver at its end. You have to understand the flow of these signals and commands.

An IR command can also be flowed with an abstraction in between. These commands include a code that influences the receiver. But, you have to take care that not a dominant or solid or rigid abstraction is between the command. You have to open an obstruction-free path to transmit the command. To be more precise, this remote will not work when there is a ball in between the receiver and the remote. This is because there are few limitations between the passage, which cannot be dodged. A perfect number, which is a 30-degree meter distance, is the maximum limit for the signals to get transmitted between the remote and the receiver end. Well, this is how the commands are transferred from remotes to the receiving in by a path.

There are many substitutes that are run by RF technology which uses radio signals. The range of an RF remote control is much higher than an IR one. RF bases remote controller can transmit its commands and codes from over 100 meters. This technology is used for satellites and other signal commanding bodies. But, this does not make an IR smart remote controller and an inferior one. Now, this was a whole system of working of an IR intelligent remote controller. There is much more about how does an IR smart remote controller work. You can give active voice commands from your smart remote. These smart remotes are used for transmitting commands through a short distance. Talking about the distance, we have mentioned it above. A light beam travels in a short distance only. You cannot make it work or control any appliance by aiming at that from a long distance.

Now the working mechanism is quite easy and simple. This is because the beam follows a straight path that ends when it meets the receiving end. The beam of a smart IR remote control works on touch or oral command. You can orally control your tv with the help of these smart remote control. Well, this was all about the working of a Smart IR remote controller. This was a brief explanation of the working of the same.

Last words

There is a need for technological up-gradation in the future too. The smart IR remote controls are not the end of this field. There is much more to come. If you want to buy such smart IR remote controllers, you can visit Smart Home for it. You will find a great variety, and you can choose from a wide range of this product at an affordable price. We hope that the information provided will be useful to you.