How to download Facebook videos?

Facebook is the most preferred social media network in the world. There are numerous media contents shared on the platform. Many of them are in videos. These videos are highly informative and entertaining. There are videos from many genres.

How about being able to save these videos and view them later on, without going through the hassle of locating them? Wouldn’t it be fun to be able to share them with pals and family members?

Facebook developers have not built an intrinsic option of downloading videos. Nevertheless, there is a workaround for that too. FastVid is the ultimate resolution for downloading Facebook videos.

Here are the steps to go about the procedure.

1- Copy the URL of the video

You can open the Facebook app or website. In the app, when you click on ‘share’, you get some options for sharing. Click on the ‘copy’ or ‘copy URL’ option.

If you use a desktop or laptop computer, then when you open the Facebook webpage in a browser and sign in, click on the video. The video opens up in a new URL. Copy the URL by right-clicking the mouse or touchpad.

2- Paste the URL

In android, download the FastVid app. Paste the copied URL in the download column and click download.

In iOS or Windows, log on to and paste the URL in the URL column, then click download.

3- Watch the video

To watch the video, go to the video player. To locate it, go to the downloads folder.


This was the information on online FB video downloader.