How Does the AccessiBe WordPress Plugin Attract a Wider Targeted Audience for Business Success?

If you are the owner of a WordPress business site, it is important for you to boost its accessibility online. This task should be done not only for the credibility of your business but also from an ethical point of view as well. Users from all backgrounds and walks of life should be given access to your site, including people with disabilities. No wonder you will see that WordPress gives a lot of seriousness to accessibility on the web.

The accessibe wordpress plugin is a popular plugin used by owners of WordPress sites to boost accessibility to all users, including people with disabilities. This plugin has the power of artificial intelligence and is automated in nature. It helps you keep your site accessible 24/7. The tool runs in the background and checks the content on the site. Under 48 hours, it makes the adjustments you need and ensures your site is fully compliant with the WCAG guidelines that website owners need to abide by along with the ADA laws in the USA.

WordPress places emphasis on accessibility as well

As mentioned above, WordPress takes the subject of web accessibility very seriously. All updated and new code that is released on WordPress must comply with the guidelines listed in the WCAG (under the WordPress Accessibility Coding Standards). Besides the above requirements, accessibility does not apply as a one-sided obligation. In fact, when you unlock accessibility on your WP site, you are able to enjoy the following advantages-

  1. There is about 15% of the population across the globe live with a form of disability. When you focus on web accessibility, you are able to attract web traffic to your site from a wider segment of people, who would have otherwise, might not have been able to navigate your site to make their intended purchases.
  1. Web accessibility is a boon for search engines as well. They give more preferences to sites that have better accessibility over sites that do not.
  1. You promote a user experience that is non-discriminatory in nature and expected from a good professional site to users.
  1. You not only improve the user experience for people with disabilities, but you will also boost the same experience for your regular users who do not have any sort of disability. You give them the advantages of seamless navigation and better readability. This goes the extra mile when it comes to your site’s popularity and reliability online.

In order to enjoy all these advantages listed above, you just need to install the accessibe wordpress plugin on your site. The installation process is very simple and fast. It just takes a few minutes; once downloaded, you just need to activate it to work. It silently works automatically in the background to ensure your site is fully compliant with ADA and WCAG guidelines. Moreover, it gives you peace of mind, and you can focus on your important business matters freely!