How to migrate database from Oracle to PostgreSQL?

All the database experts and managers are well aware of the two most popular database management systems. These database management systems are Oracle and PostgreSQL. They both have a huge variety of features and tools. When you compare various features of the two database management systems you notice that Oracle has more restricted licensing policy and is costly to own. On the other hand, PostgreSQL has a less strict licensing policy similar to BSD or MIT and is also open source. This causes many business enterprises and organizations to transfer their databases from Oracle to PostgreSQL.

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You need to follow the following steps to migrate your database from Oracle to PostgreSQL:

  •   Firstly, you need to export Oracle table definitions in the form of data definition language (DDL) statements.
  •   Then convert all the DDL statements to PostgreSQL format based on correct type mapping. You should also carefully substitute for Oracle embedded functions that are not supported in PostgreSQL.
  •   You should then import the final resulting table definitions into the target PostgreSQL database.
  •   From the source database, you should export Oracle data in intermediate storage in the form of CSV formatting.
  •   You then need to convert data to the PostgreSQL formatting. This conversion will provide transformation of binary data, dates and escaping special symbols in text fields as it is required.
  •   After changing the formatting import the final CSV files in the target database.
  •   Then you need to export stored procedures Oracle views, and triggers in the form of SQL statements and source code.
  •   You should then change the formatting of statements and source code according to that of the destination.
  •   Finally, you just need to import it into the PostgreSQL database as your last step.

All the above-mentioned steps are not easy to follow and understand to do this conversion process manually. To do this conversion process manually requires greater human effort. There are greater chances of data loss in this process due to human error. So it is always a good idea to use special software to transfer your database from Oracle to PostgreSQL server automatically.

Oracle to PostgreSQL conversion tool is important software to serve your purpose. It is developed by Intelligent Converters. Some of the essential product features are as follows:

  1.   You can easily convert these database objects including table definitions, data, constraints, indexes, foreign keys.
  2.   Moreover, the software allows you to do direct connection and bulk insert techniques. This will help you in reaching high performance in the database conversion process.
  3.   Furthermore, it also supports all versions and variations of Oracle and PostgreSQL database management systems.
  4.   It also provides command line support for automation.
  5.   You can also easily synchronize and merge existing PostgreSQL database with Oracle data. All the conversion settings get stored in the profile.

In addition to above features, the software also is flexible and has powerful options such as filtering data via SELECT-queries. The software is supplied with a one-year subscription for updates and unlimited support.