Key Things to Know about Maintaining a Subwoofer

Subwoofers are a great source of entertainment for those who travel a lot and love music with every detail. They are designed to produce low-frequency bass tones and provide the listener with an immersive sound experience. While you hear the bass from your flour standing speakers, a subwoofer allows you to actually feel the sound.

Although subwoofer systems require only limited maintenance, there are few precautionary measures you can take to ensure your system sounds as good several years after installation as on the day you bought it-

  • Never overload the system, keep it within the specified power limits.
  • Always keep the speaker clean and dry.   
  • Like any other electrical product, currents will accelerate corrosion on surfaces. Therefore, check the terminals for corrosion at regular intervals, especially if the sub is mounted in a hostile environment like humidity.

Subwoofers are a considerable investment and prior knowing a few facts about them can help to keep in good condition for long. Even if you have the powered subwoofer under $1000, make sure you consider these steps.

What kinds of Problems can a Subwoofer Pose?

Sufficient care must be taken to protect the subwoofer box from various factors such as water, temperature fluctuation, and other common issues of wear and tear. The 3 most common problems associated with subwoofer are lesser sound, distorted sound, and total absence of sound. These problems can be caused by different factors and certain analysis work is required to correctly point out the issue.

What Parts of Subwoofer can Pose Problems?

The voice coil, fuse, and the cone of the subwoofer are the common parts of trouble while using sub boxes. In some cases, the wire connection gets decayed leading to the complete absence of sound. But the cone, voice coil, and the fuse can be replaced to solve the problem permanently. Therefore, the owners must ensure the source of spare parts is a reliable one. 

Can Subwoofer be Repaired at Home?

Components of subwoofers can be repaired at home unless it is too complicated and requires expertise. A subwoofer generally has a fairly simple mechanism and the owner must ensure that all the component materials are handled with the utmost care during the repair.

What is blowing out of Subwoofers?

Listening to loud music while traveling keeps you entertained and regular travelers use loud music to shrug away the fatigue of driving for long distances. However, when the volume gets too loud, the music begins to distort and turns unpleasant for ears. In certain cases, the speaker coil and the cone get disconnected, causing a condition called blown out subwoofer. It can be detected by simply pressing the speaker cone gently. 

A stiff and locked cone clearly indicates a blown out condition. Too much deviation from the recommended voltage or extreme fluctuations in voltage generally demands complete replacement of the sub box. 

Always keep your BIC America F12 Subwoofer dust-free and clean them regularly. Don’t place them in the area where it is difficult to reach out and clean. Also, have sunblock for them by keeping enough ventilation. 

Subwoofers are not complex equipment, but when you’ve invested enough in buying a high-end subwoofer, it is always recommended to maintain them with care and precautions.