Make The Most of Kodi With A VPN


Online torrent sites offer a fantastic amount of content which can keep you occupied and entertained for hours at a time. There’s plenty of TV shows and movies online which suit every taste and there may even be some new content you’ve never seen before. These are just some of the reasons why torrent sites have become more and more popular over the recent years.

One of the other reasons is that online streaming is often available for a low price or even for free. However, just because the service is free it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be able to access the content you want to watch. This is where a VPN will come in handy.

What is Kodi?

Before getting in to VPNs let’s quickly look at what Kodi is. Looking for vpn gratuit kodi online will give you a wide range of VPN results from your opted search engine, but it won’t really tell you what Kodi is. 

In the most basic terms, Kodi is a website which effectively turns your device in to a standalone streaming service. It works on laptops, PCs and even smartphones to give them the capability to stream a wide range of available content. 

Downsides to Kodi

Although the concept of being able to stream lots of movies and TV shows for free from your own device is highly appealing, there is the issue that using the website reveals your IP address. 

This piece of coding reveals where you are accessing content from and in some circumstances it isn’t always the best idea to reveal that kind of information. Sometimes it it due to geolocked content where only specific regions can watch the media content. But on this occasion it is the government and legal enforcers you need to watch for.

Despite the fact that the site isn’t breaking any laws you may find yourself hot under the collar if anyone catches up with you. So now lets look at how to cover up.

The clever use of VPNs

Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs, allow you to surf the Internet in privacy. This should always be the case anyway, but there are a great number of hackers waiting online so it’s always advisable to take security seriously. 

VPNs connect to the Internet via an encrypted wavelength so all of your activity is not traced or tracked. There are many security prototcols in place to keep you safe from potential attacks, but the main benefit in this scenario is that the VPN hides your IP. Searching for torrent hadopi online after connecting via a VPN service will let you find the best way to stream content from Kodi or other streaming sites without the risk of being followed. 

Other benefits of using VPNs is that you can also change your IP, instead of just disappearing, so you can watch content from geolocked regions. This means you can watch all the content in the world.