How to Monitor Employee Cell Phone with TheOneSpy Android Spying App

Many business organizations monitor cell phones of their workers to prevent them from unproductive and malicious acts. This article discusses how android mobile phones can be monitored with the help of the most advanced TheOneSpy app. Read on to know the installation process, work style, features, compatible devices and price of the android spying app.

TheOneSpy AndroidMonitoring Software

TheOneSpy is a cell phone monitoring app that is particularly designed for employers to keep track of online and offline activities of employees.By getting the company-owned smartphones installed with the spy app employers can track, manage and boost the efficiency of workforce. Also, they can create online backup of data stored on these mobile phone devices. The high-tech surveillance software allows evaluating internet usage of employees to prevent them from misusing the company internet. The employee surveillance software also allows supervising activities performed by remote or traveling workers. In short, it allows supervising every online and offline activity of workers performed inside and outside the workstation within and beyond duty hours.

Installation Process

The installation process of android spying app is very simple, quick and user-friendly. You can get a mobile phone installed with the app within a few minutes. There are a few things that you need to ensure before app installation such as the compatibility of the device, battery, stable internet and rooting. You may need to root the android device to get it installed with third party software. Subscribe to the app; download and install it on the targeted device and start tracking. There are video tutorials on TheOneSpy website that explain installation process of the app.

How the Android Spying App Work

The surveillance software works with complete secrecy without leaving any hint of spying on the targeted device. It secretly accesses data and uploads to the online portal of TheOneSpy from where it can be retrieved anytime.It performs several actions such as turning on camera and microphone of the device as per instructions of the end-user.

Core Features of Android Tracker Software

The high-tech employee surveillance program of TheOneSpy comes preloaded with several features. We have discussed here only the most important features of the app that facilitate entrepreneurs.

Track Online Chats

Do you want to know how your workers respond to the online existing and potential clients? The android monitoring app lets you closely watch out chats of your employees with customers, co-workers and third parties.It secretly syncs social media chats and instant messages to provide you with these online chats through the web portal of TheOneSpy.

Monitor Offline Chats

As well as online conversations, you can also supervise the offline discussions of your workers. You can read SMS received and sent by your employees without accessing their mobile phones. The app syncs these chats and uploads to the web portal. Also, it provides contact detail of communicating parties.

Check out Social Media

Do you supervise the performance of social media managers? The spy app lets you know how your employees use social media by providing you with their chats, posts, comments and activities. You can supervise activities performed on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and many other popular social networking platforms.

Find Location

The app allows supervising performance of traveling staff such as marketing, sales and delivery team. You can find out the current GPS location of their mobile phones to know where they are. The app provides complete detail of every tour made by your concerned individuals.

Retrieve Contacts

The contact detail of current and potential clients is of great importance. Using the mobile phone monitoring app, you can make sure that your workers never lose any important contact. The app syncs and uploads all contacts and detail attached with these contacts.

Screen Recording

Want to know what a suspicious employee is doing on his phone at the moment? Using the cell phone tracking solution, you can capture the real-time cell phone activities of the target. You can send command to the device for screen recording in current or scheduled time.


The on-demand screenshots of the employee surveillance software help you check out the progress of an employee on an assigned task. The app secretly takes screenshots with a certain interval and uploads to the online portal.

Record Surroundings

The workplace harassment, gossips and unnecessary activities can be figured out with the help of the android tracking app. You can find out what your workers are doing in real-time by capturing the surroundings of monitored cell phones. You can turn on cameras and microphone of target devices to see what is happening in the surrounding or what employees are talking about.

Supervise Internet Use

It is crucial to supervise internet usage of employees to prevent them from unproductive acts. The app provides you with the internet browsing history of employees’ monitored smartphones.

Call Recording

The phone calls made and received by your workers get recorded by the secret app. It also gets access to call history and contact detail of callers and recipients.

Retrieve Deleted Media

The images, videos and voice recordings saved in your employees’ smartphones can be of great importance for your business. You can retrieve all the media files stored on the phone direct from the web portal.

Block Unproductive Apps

The unproductive and unwanted apps installed on company-owned mobile phones can be blocked without having access to the device.


The android spying app supports all mobile phone networks and wide range of cell phone brands including Samsung, LG, Huawei, Sony, Motorola and HTC. It does not support TCL devices. The premierversion of the app runs only on rooted android phones and tablets.


TheOneSpy cell phone spy is the most economical android spying app that offers the most advanced features. The price of the softwareis correlated with package plan and subscription period. The standard version of the app can be subscribed in around $18 for a month. The subscription price of premier version is a bit higher.