Web Development VS Web Design – Is There a Difference?

Businesses nowadays aim towards the development and design of websites simultaneously. Hence, it is in their best interest to hire companies that cover both aspects. 

Therefore, most companies use the terms web design and web development interchangeably. The vital reason behind this is that they tried to serve both cases to target a larger audience. 

However, these two aspects are quite different from each other. These two functions are different skill sets of a unique nature.

Let’s focus on this article and understand how these aspects of Web development services and development function to make your websites better.

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Defining Web Design vs. Web Development

Web design focuses on the front page of your website and how you can make it appealing to the audience. This approach is directed towards the appearance and the way visitors look at your website. 

Your goal is to make it easier for the audience to understand the functions of your website. All the strategies made for this page are focused on a clear and smooth procedure.

Web development is more back-end focused. This approach is directed towards the buttons and functions of your website. The speed at which your website navigates the smooth functions and automation on the website is what covers this area. You can simply say that this approach focuses on how satisfactory your website performance is for a customer to roam.

Role of Web Developer:

There are three main roles of web developer such as follows:

Front-end developer: 

The main page of a website at which the users mostly interact is from this front end. Everything that the consumer or the user directly interacts with is covered on this page. The theme at which you set your website. The graphics, tables, icons, and fonts used on the website are covered in the front end. However, the main tools used for this design are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Make sure the next time you visit the website of any business, you focus on the screen that appears on your phone, laptop, or system. This outlook is known as the front end or UX of your website.

Back-end developer: 

A back-end developer focuses on the buttons and navigations of the website. Their goal is to design a website in such a manner that everything is arranged effectively and provides a quick response. The goal of the developer is to ensure that contacts are being conveyed and signals are transmitted at a good pace. 

Even though customers do not directly interact with the back end, they still send signals to it through the front end. Hence, good integration between both ends is highly effective.

Full stack developer: 

A full stack developer, the name itself suggests, works on both ends and has a good skill set for the database management and debugging of the websites.

Role of Web Designer:

There are a variety of roles for web designers:

User Experience (UX) Designer: 

A UX is known as the user experience. You can simply say that everything that a consumer feels while navigating through the website is focused on the user experience. In this aspect, you study how easy it is for your consumer to navigate through the website and find the buy, sell, purchase, and subscribe buttons.

User interface (UI) designer: 

The user interface design is the correct user graphics along with the illustrations and photographic artwork. This focuses on a dedicated theme for digital products and devices. Everything related to the control buttons, drop-down menus, and data fields is covered in this area.

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Visual designer: 

The visual designers aim toward the complete design of your website. The goal is to achieve an attractive look overall. Hence, graphic designers and visual designers work separately and create user interfaces with an effective graphic design to complete a theme.

Web Developer: 

You can refer to a web developer as a general programmer. Their job is to convert the idea of the website into a fully functioning platform. 

They grasp the idea and use it through different tools and software such as JavaScript, jQuery, node JS, etc. Web developers aim to build smooth navigation and upgrade your website design.

Difference Between Web Design and Web Development

It is true that you may come across crossovers when dealing with the evaluation of web design and web development. However, the real catch is to identify the differences. You need to be able to separate web design from web development in order to achieve effective results. 

Every developer needs to have certain knowledge about both areas. It helps them to enhance their ability to work and create high accuracy. Let’s dive into the details and look at what is different between web design and web development.

  1. Developers do not create assets.

Web designers create visual elements that add aesthetic value to the site (and improve user experience), whilst web developers are in charge of including such features. This is the primary distinction between web design and web development. 

Using JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, the developer will convert the designer’s mockups, wireframes, and other materials into code. Therefore, while the website developer uses code to make those assets appear on the website, the website designer is responsible for creating the visual assets.

  1. Designers do not code

One of the vital differences between web design and web development is the ability to code. A resume that designers cannot write code. However, they are preferred to stay on the theme setups and mockups. Their job is to design layouts and develop images. 

You can say that the apparent primary designer is responsible for the Photoshop and graphics of your website. Everything you place for the attention of your audience refers to the work of the designer.

On the other hand, companies also use software that does not utilize coding. Hence the designer may work on both ends with such software and enhance the beauty of your website.

  1. Cost-effectiveness in web design as compared to development

Web design has historically been less expensive than web development. According to ZipRecruiter, web developer opportunities typically pay $36/hour, whereas designer roles typically pay $29/hour. There are chances, but for the most part, web design is less expensive than web development. 

Why? Because learning coding and other skills necessary for web development. The average cost is also influenced by supply and demand; there are probably more web designers than developers. However, you should expect to pay more than the average rates if you want to hire a skilled web designer or developer.

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  1. Functionality and aesthetics are two separate entities.

The major difference between web design and web development is the functionality and aesthetics of your website. Hence, both roles may ultimately boil down to these two factors. Both developer and designer play a vital role in the creation of your website. 

The developer is supposed to make your website functional and easily navigable. On the other hand, a designer is to make your website appealing to the eyes of the viewer and user.

How Can Marketers Differentiate Between Web Design and Web Development?

A few facts about site development and design should be kept in mind by marketers. For starters, it’s crucial to communicate with the developer and designer.

 You’ll be happy with the results if you are more explicit about what you want. It’s a great idea to make a functionality list of must-haves to make sure the outcomes live up to your expectations. 

Additionally, marketers must not overlook the significance of mobile experiences. 

FACT: About half of all web traffic on the planet in 2021 came from mobile devices. You can cover all your bases and delight customers across all devices by hiring a developer and designer to create a site that is optimized for mobile.

The designer may be able to generate a theme for you, but you need to articulate well about the theme you want. The message that you require to convey through your website should be clear and to the point so that it can be transferred through the appeal. 

There are plenty of jobs available for web designers and developers. However, we rarely hear about a job as a designer. This is because people prefer to hire full-stack developers to deal with both jobs.

Final Verdict:

We hope that this article helps you understand the basic differences between a designer and a developer. Once you get your hands on this knowledge, you will be able to achieve great success in website development. 

This knowledge helps you understand the two critical ingredients of websites. Moreover, you will be able to set clear and accurate goals. As a marketer, you can use this skill to clearly set a framework for your business.

However, a website has to be both technically sound and attractively built in order to be effective. A website should be visually appealing, simple to use, and easy to navigate when consumers arrive at it. 

Making sure this is the case is the responsibility of web designers and web developers. Continue reading to learn how a degree in software development can assist people in pursuing a career in one of these fields and in comparing and contrasting web design and web development.

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