What are FIFA COINS?


Every FIFA gamers will surely be aware of the FIFA coins, but if you are new to the game or you are going to start playing it, then you must have thought about the FIFA coins. In this article, I’m going to reveal everything about the FIFA coins.

Like most of the game, FIFA also has its in-game currency with the name of “coins.” FIFA coin is an in-game currency that can be acquired by several methods.

These coins are beneficial in proceeding in the game, and you might love to have it into your FIFA account. Now you must be familiar with the FIFA in-game currency, but why are they used for?

Use of FIFA coins

The FIFA in-game currency is useful in many ways. FIFA in-game currency is something that can support a player to purchase any buyable thing within that game.

The FIFA currency helps the players the different purchase stuff including kits, shoes, teams as well as player and many more thing.

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If you want to include your favorite player in your team, then you must need to have these coins because they can assist you in buying any FIFA player you want. These coins can also encourage you to buy packs and other stuff related to the game. But who to get these coins?

How to get FIFA coins?

Obtaining the FIFA in-game coins is not an easy task to do. You might acquire a few coins into your account in the beginner. But as you proceed in the game, then you might find it easier to have coins.

There are many different ways through which you can add a good amount of FIFA currency in your account. Below are some of those few ways that you need to look at if you want the FIFA currency.

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Compete in matches

Playing against the opponent team is something that can help you to earn some amount of FIFA currency. You can play with the computer as a friendly match and can get coins on each win.

Remember that you will only get coins if you win, so try to win more and more one-on-one matches. Other than this, the number of coins generated also depends on the difficulty level of a game.

If you win a match on a higher difficulty level, then you might get more coins in comparison to winning matches on a lower difficulty.

To improve your FIFA gaming skills and try to defeat the opponent on a higher difficulty level. But if you are struggling to win a match on a higher difficulty level, then you can go for medium or lower difficulty level.

Complete Objective

There are many sorts of daily and weekly objective in the FIFA game. Completing these challenges reward some in-game currency.

However, the money earned through these challenges is not very much significant but still it’s better than nothing.

At the same time, some of these objectives might also grant you the right amount of coins. So don’t miss them and keep an eye on both daily as well as weekly challenges.

Purchase Coins

Purchasing coins is the easiest method the make FIFA coins. In this method, you just need to pay some real cash to a trusted FIFA currency seller, and in return, they will give you FIFA coins.

But make sure that the person/organization that you are dealing with is a trusted one because there is a lot of scam going around in the market in the name of FIFA in-game currency.

Transfer market

The transfer market is something that can help you to buy and sell a player. Trading of a rare player in the transfer market can help you to earn handsome amount of coins.

But I would recommend you not to sell a player that you are regularly using in your team. However, you can trade a player who is just acquiring some space into your team.

You can also purchase a player from the transfer market and resell it at a higher rate. This is sometimes that some people do and are making a good amount of FIFA coins through this method so you can also try it.