What Is the Current State of Overwatch Boosting

The patch that Blizzard released for Overwatch on June 18 brought changes to McCree and Baptiste, and now those two heroes are strong when used together. The best that you can have in winning the games for this is through overwatch boosting now.

Attack Speed

Specifically, it is the fire rate from McCree who has received a buff and the Amplification Matrix from Baptiste has a longer duration of 10 seconds instead of eight. The combination of extra basic attack speed and the in-game buff make this combo unprecedentedly strong at the moment.

The Amplification Matrix also gives McCree the chance to use his Dead Eye ability somewhat carefree, at least he is protected from some of the hostile damage. On Reddit, user Biono03 posted a video that shows that well.

In addition to the above buffs, other changes were made via the update such as an Orisa improvement and the Replay system was then really introduced.

Overwatch players can earn an epic Baptiste skin through the upcoming Baptiste Reunion Challenge. You must win nine matches to get the skin.

Jeff Kaplan, game director of Overwatch, said that with Baptiste’s short story, What You Left Behind, there will be a mini game mode where players can earn an epic skin for support.

According to sources, fashion is very similar to the Ana Bastet and the D.Va Nano Cola challenges, where players also earned rare skins by winning games. The Baptiste Reunion Challenge offers players the opportunity to unlock an epic skin by winning nine matches in Quick Play, competitive or one of the Arcade modes. We think the event will last two weeks because the other events were that long.

Blizzard did not announce an official release date yet, but patch 1.37 will be released next week and there is a good chance that the Baptiste Reunion Challenge will also go live.

  • According to sources close to Blizzard Activision, an Overwatch 2 is closer than we think, the rumor is that the sequel will be revealed at BlizzCon in November.
  • The news of a new Overwatch game comes after the message that Blizzard Activision has canceled a first person shooter in the Starcraft universe. That would free up more manpower to work on Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2.

Overwatch receives a sequel according to sources at Blizzard

Those two titles are expected to bring the biggest Blizzard-related stock market success, especially after last year’s debacle with Diablo Immortal. According to sources, Overwatch 2 also largely focuses on the PvE aspect and employees in the company would already make the comparison with Left 4 Dead.


By the way, you can now enjoy the double experience weekend that is active until 10 June and is also the last chance to get hold of the Event skins until the Summer Games in August. Jeff Kaplan, boss of Overwatch, already promised that more content will come to the game this summer, so Overwatch will not be abandoned after this news.