What People Should Know About Buying A Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are this revolutionary thermostat that people are now buying and for good reason, It’s packed with features and it aims to replace the thermostats that you have with just one. As you all now thermostats are very essential in today’s world and having a better way to manage it will help one have good experiences over it and also will help save money. In these types of products, there are two types of brands that have been considered as the best.

The brands called Nest and Ecobee. Each has their own products that they boast that aims to make your thermostat management even better. But the thing is that buying one is a personal thing since everyone’s needs are not the same. If you plan to buy one there are a few things that you need to consider. Things that will affect your decision whether or not you should buy a certain product of a smart thermostat or go to the other brand.

The price: The price is one of the biggest factors as to why you would pass on a product or buy on a product. The thing that you should know is that not all cheap smart thermostats are bad and not all very expensive smart thermostats are the best. There are more brands that are out there aside from Ecobee and Nest that sell them but not all are better. If you plan to buy one make sure that you do some research on the best range on the prices of the smart thermostat.

The specs: The specs are very critical as well because not all smart thermostats function the same and not all will be compatible with the things that you have in your home. Thus, further research is required in order to identify which one is the most ideal product for you. There are many ways to source such information like asking the sellers themselves, check out various feedbacks and reviews from the online stores, social media, forums, blogs and review sites.



Air Quality Compatibility Yes Yes Yes Yes
Alexa Yes Yes Yes Yes


Yes Yes No No
App Nest Nest ecobee ecobee


Yes Yes No No


Yes Yes Yes Yes
Geofencing Yes Yes No No
Home Yes Yes Yes Yes
HomeKit No No Yes Yes
HVAC Compatibility Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multiple Design


Yes No No No


Nest Nest Room Sensors Room Sensors


Yes Yes Yes Yes
Voice Controller No No Yes
Weather Display Yes No Yes Yes


Yes Yes Yes Yes


Yes Yes Yes Yes
Prices $215.95 $169.00 $198.00 $246.99

A smart thermostat is reliable, thus it comes as no surprise that it’s considered as the thermostat killer. If you love to buy one there are things that you need to consider, like the price and the specs. If you like to buy one and you want to know more about the Ecobee and Nest product, there are Ecobee vs Nest reviews and information online that can be helpful to you.