5 Things You Will Find On the Dark Web

Many people still doubt the existence of the dark web. They are not a computer nerd for sure. If they hear the word ‘dark web’ then surely the resource is some sci-fi media. The fact is that dark web exists in real life and anyone and use it only if they know the proper way.

What is the dark web?

People have a peculiar idea about the dark web. They think it is something mythical that doesn’t exist at all. But the actual dark web is nothing but a series of websites. They are called dark because they are not indexed by the search engine. And the crucial thing about the dark web is that it can’t be accessed by a regular internet browser. You need to have the TOR or rather The Onion Router to access the dark web as the sites on the dark web ends with ‘.onion’. For your information, the dark web is responsible for actual deep web videos.

If you try to find the purpose of the dark web then you will hardly find any answer other than ‘anonymity’. When you access The Onion Router browser, your IP address which is the identity of your computer can’t get recognized. There why you can remain anonymous easily.

If you venture in the dark web then here are the 5 things that you will encounter in there.

  • The dark web is the place where all kinds of illegal and ill-tasted deeds are being done. Various kinds of jobs related to the illegal industry are found here.
  • You will find the hitman who will go and kill for you in exchange for a huge amount of money. But there is always a possibility that the hitman is an undercover cop. You never know it as the identity is kept hidden in the dark web.
  • You will have an idea about the hugeness of the dark web by its currency, Bitcoin. It’s a cryptocurrency made for money transactions in the world of the darknet.
  • Black markets are rising to new heights by the grace of the darknet. Things that don’t get sold legally, find a way out through the dark web.
  • Selling of both legal and illegal drugs is a famous business on the dark web. Since the IP address is hidden that’s why even the cops fail to catch those who run these websites.