Trustworthy news sources on Instagram

 More than 3 billion network users daily receive breaking news from social media platforms like Instagram, Face book, YouTube, Twitter and so on, instead of traditional media such as television or newspapers. By receiving all the breaking news online it exists danger of reading fake news. There are many sources that provide fake news just to catch the attention of people just to increase visitors to their websites. However, social Medias have control of the information and news we see and can manipulate us with articles with ridiculous titles.

These days almost every information media, no matter if it is TV, radio, magazine or newspaper has its own account on social platforms such as Instagram, Face book, Twitter, etc.

Lately the main focus is on Instagram. Instagram has more than a billion and a half active users monthly and it makes the platform the fastest growing one and most preferred by the network users. In this article we are going to check which is the most reliable information Media on Instagram, in case to avoid the danger of receiving false news. Most of the established news media on Instagram have been verified by Instagram and they have blue tick next to their usernames which means they are trustworthy.

  • CNN (Cable News Network). CNN is founded in 1980 and it is the first 24 hours news channel in The United States. Around 98 percent of the households with cable TV in The United States are subscribed for the TV channel. However it is an international channel and can be watched from over 220 countries from all around the world. It makes the media one of the most famous news media on the world. CNN also has its own website, radio broadcast, and YouTube channel and of course Instagram account. On Instagram CNN have 9.6 millions followers. It is a big number of followers; however they might have used the popular online services that allow you to buy followers on Instagram. No matter that, CNN is already verified by Instagram so we can trust their sources and the news they are sharing with the society.
  • BBC (The British Broadcasting Corporation). BBC is the largest public news broadcaster in the United Kingdom. For this media are working more than 35 000 people which make it the biggest broadcaster employer in the world. Like CNN, BBC is also a media that has become a worldwide source for receiving news. The media is found in 1922 as a broadcasting company and as the years were passing by, the media has increased their services a lot and now it provides TV channel, Radio broadcast, Website and other sources that provide information. BBC is already verified by Instagram and it is marked with a blue tick just like CNN. BBC has 2 million followers on Instagram.
  • The New York Times. The NYT is an American newspaper that was founded in 1851 and has had become the most influential newspaper in the world. The media has its own website and application and also Spanish and Chinese language version of the newspaper. We should mention that the newspaper is sending reporters to all the hot spots in the world like the Iraq War, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Iran War and many more. On Instagram, The New York Times has 7,7million followers on Insta.

Recent survey shows that people hear about the latest news first on social media, before hearing it on any TV channels. You may see many breaking news just scrolling through your feed, however some of them might be fake, so if you read something you think it may be false information, just check it in the information Medias we spoke about in this article.