One HW Camera


The need to look good and appealing is common to every humankind despite gender, culture and any other social or geographical barriers. Self-satisfaction is one of the most important aspects in personality as it boosts one’s confidence levels and self-esteem. Social media has taken a toll on everyone’s life all around the world. 

Social media just like any other platform has its pros and cons. Considering its pros, statistics have proven with evidence, using a technique called ‘mediation model’ that posting one’s selfies on social media encourages a positive feedback and thereby improves one’s body image and also affects the increment of one’s confidence and self-esteem. Therefore, having a good camera is one of the most important necessities in taking those bomb selfies you would love to have on your feed. 

One HW Camera App

One HW Camera is a HUAWEI Mate30/P30 style camera that allows anyone with an android device taken photographs and selfies as if they are using a Huawei Mate30/P30 phone! How exciting does that sound? All you got to do is download the app to your android smart phone and keep clicking those beautiful and mesmerising pictures of yours. 

This camera apk not only offers you perfect HD quality, but it also offers its users a range of features that will blow your mind. Imagine hitting a century of filters? One HW camera offers you even more than that. You can now find the perfect filter that makes you feel like the king or queen you already are! Having the app also saves you from the hassle of putting on makeup in order to click that perfect picture. Its range of makeup looks will ensure to make your skin flawless, eyes bigger and glamourous and also give you the smoothest look that will make you look as beautiful as you can ever be! 

It also includes exciting and cool stickers and also a range of professional features such as silent capture mode, auto flash, grid lines and many more. Not only does it let you capture all of your beautiful photos and selfies, but it also comes with a built-in photo editor that saves you from having to download a separate app for all your editing needs. Adding filters post capturing them, cropping, rotating, adding text and it also lets you the format of your choice to save your photos. 

All of these features are offered to all android users for absolutely free! You no longer have to worry about finding the best selfie to post, or even the fixture of the photographs you have taken. So, hurry! Download the app and enjoy a range of features this Android camera has to offer and also its free and convenient photo editor. Many camera apps like HD Camera only offer HD photos. No awesome filters, Photo editor and many more features.